Friday, April 30, 2010

Prizes for March & April 2010

Samsung wow wow 8 creative caption contest
1) Samsung Blu-Ray DVD Player

Samsung wow wow 8 Winner List
and my Winning Creative Caption ^^

Canon Facebulous Photo Contest
1) Canon Camera Bag
Prize collection at Canon Penang --> Here

Ruumz Epson Common & Faith Photo Contest
1) Epson Stylus T10 Printer
Share and Win Category

2) Epson Stylus A3 Photo Printer 1390
Most Like Category ^_^v

It's big... >.<||

Green Cell FB Suggest Friends Contest
1) Iphone Case

A good sign to win an Iphone for next ^^

Centennial Great Iphone Giveaway
1) Iphone 3Gs
I submitted a short clip for this contest.
Was OVER JOY to know I won!!!
Winning Video submission --> Here

A very sexy creature inside da box =)

And a very sexy owner outside the box >.<

Those are what I won in 2 months.
I'm thankful for those gifts =) ~
Thank you so much for those who've been helping me!

Will try hard to win more Vouchers and Tickets.
Do keep an eye on my FanPage as I'm gonna giveaway ^^

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all about Contest & Freebies ^^


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