Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taiwan Food, Gurney Plaza Penang

Lunch Lunch ~~~
Am actually don't have direction towards makan.
I just go with my flow ~~~

So, here's where I land my arse.
Taiwanese Food....
yah yah.... Gurney Plaza again ^_^|||

Da entrance..
Sorry la, camera not so good T.T
eRrr... skill also not really good... .T.T

Waiting area....

But 10 times out of 10 I visited ...
I never really sit there and wait before....

There's a fan for those who think they're HOT !
I'm sitting right infront of da mirror.
Nah, not gonna reflect myself.
I don't feels to scare you right now =_=

Views on my right...
It's surrounded by mirror.
Make sure U're wearing smart and sexy,
U can be spot in almost every corner easily ....

On my left...
A couple seat...
BUT do not try to kiss !!
We'll notice your ham-sap lips ~~~~ !!

Jing Jing's favorite...
The Drunken Chicken ~ ^^

Nice ba ??
Mostly I can't finish it .
Make sure U r very very very hungry.
Or else, is wasted...
to left few more pieces of chicken there =(

My colleagues order this...
Sesame chicken ....

sometimes they serve cake as dessert.
but today I get pudding... I think it's Milk Pudding.
still PREFER cake ~~~~ Milk pudding taste weird @@

Set Lunch are included drink.
Pearl Tea always my choice ~~
( Taste like teh tarik , seriously ~~ )

A very systematic counter.
Ahhh, u can be their member & get 10% discount ~~
I'm a member, I'm a member !!!! ^^|||

Again da familiar shot ^_^||
Is her job to deal wf da machine... gRRrrrRR

OwhHHh... see !!
Told ya she got her technique to bargain with da machine.
It's just RM1.50 today. A pack of Kopi Peng ~~!!!

Taiwan Food, not bad not bad.
If U're not thirsty, order hot pearly tea.
And there's 2 branch in Penang only.

One is at Midland Park.
Another is Gurney Plaza.



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