Friday, March 26, 2010

Canon FACEbulous Contest

Wake up early today....
I'm kinda sesat in Penang...
Even I'm a Penangites... T.T ~

Rushing my way to....
Canon Penang Branch

Been waiting for a while... =( and so hot...
Now days even early morning, the SUN is burning!!
and I smell like satay ~~~ I'm cooked !!

So, I visit around . Owhhh... open not long ago... =D

WahHH... i feel to climb up there to put in mine as well.
Too bad I'm too short and don't have marker pen....
Alright... i try to behave this time .... xD

Various type of printers !!! Wonder if I carry one home.
Anyone will notice ??

walks up and down .... and up and down ~~~

stood here and staring....
dripping my saliva ~~~

wow, My PRINCE !!!
and I can only kiss him outside the screen T.T ~
When is the day I can hang him on my arm ?
Touch him, molest him all over with my palm ~
woOOo !!

Finally the boss attend me =) ...
* shake shake * ~ Ten kiu ten kiu !!!
By the way... what is your name ar ??

Mister, U looks so muscular ~~
Can I touch touch abit ?? >.<
- oOohhhh NoOoo, stay away bitch !!!!

A proper one ^_^v

Take another shot before I leave =D
So hot but ngeh-ngeh wanna smile ~~~~

Thanks Canon for this wonderful Bag !

Head toward to Starbucks after that ~~

Still left a Voucher to pamper myself =D

waiting for my driver to do da job ... >.<
while I fat-hao in da car ~~

saja let U see the whole building ~

Don't worry...
My office near near nia....
There I got a cup of my Java Chip,
Drink a sips and sips whenever I need !

Thanks Canon Malaysia for the Bag
Thanks Foodstreet Malaysia for the Voucher

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