Friday, September 10, 2010

Description of website and internet

Internet is the ocean.

Websites are the lifeforms of the ocean.
They consist of fish, turtle, starfish, coral...and etc.

For instance,
Corals inhabit in compact colonies at different spots at the ocean floor.
Different colorful species of fish are found in the ocean.

Just like millions of websites with different genres are available on the Internet.
Without these lifeforms, there will no ocean.

Just like Internet without networks of websites relating to each other,
will not be called Internet anymore.

On top of that, every ocean will attract surfers.
Surfers ride down the wave and during bad weather....

surfers will tend to shift their surfing hobby to the indoor surfing park.
No more distraction from the bad weather.

if you need a good platform without interruption to your website up time,
a paid hosting is definitely your choice!

You probably won't go to the fish area to see turtle,
go to the turtle area to look for shark?
go to the shark area to look for seahorse ?

Just like you won't SURF over to look for Lady Gaga,
and you definitely won't SURF over to to find burung gagak's information... =_=||

Websites are the lifeforms of the ocean.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chui Ling's Cutiemoon DIY Contest

A chance to test my creativity..
as well as reconnect myself to my favourite personality.

It's so wonderful to find her on Facebook.
Me, being the creativity contest lover and as CL's supporter.
How could I let go of this opportunity?

With my thinking cap on...
I explored ways to present the most impressive ideas.

Who doesn't want to surprise their *ahem...

So, bear with me!
I'm gonna start my "mission" now...

As usual, gonna get some stuff to torture mom's kitchen.

I only enter the kitchen once a million years.
So, I might look like a killer than a chef ...

I thought cutting is easy.... =__=|||

I bought 10 of these for backup...
Hopefully I won't turn into a mooncake maniac ~

umm... not bad ba ?
I wonder how much I get, scaling from 1-10 ? >.<

ahh, let's make it more interesting....
Perhap... transform it into Mc Mooncake ?? @@

umm... creative or weird ??
Old Mc Mooncake by Jing Jing...
eee yaah eee yaaah OOOooohh.... =_=|||

Still it's my creation.
So... should pose abit regardless it's eatable anot >.<

Next mission...
That chocolate topping cost more than my mooncake.
* faint * ......... @@

Practice how to scoop....
I thought it should be easy....
I mess up my ice cream......%@#$^%.. T.T

and I DID IT ~
Ha, just small matter. Impossible I couldn't make it >.<

I even managed to torture my mobile for minutes.

Alright , I have to finish em before it melt horribly ~~~

haizz... I feel abit 'ng seh dak' to destroy it .... T.T
So, let's act cute for da last time.... ^^||

So, who's gonna finish this both har ??
Hello mum, I love yewwwww >.< ......

I even kao-kao chan abit with sweets to coop
with my comic earlier....

ummm... acceptable ba ....
Not bad la hor, hor hor ?? * sweat *

jeng jeng jeng....
And this is my....
ChuiLingericious Mooncake Burger

and my....
Angelicious Ice Cream Mooncake

And if you're wondering what's all this about.
Take a look at this video... ^^

Chui Ling Cutiemoon DIY Contest Video

So... if you have a better idea in decorating.
Show your horse. There's 20k fans of her gonna like it =)

That's what I've been doing for my weekend.

¿ɐıqoɥdlopı llɐɔ ƃuıɥʇʎuɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ sı

Hopefully not....


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

F&N Fruit Tree video contest

Been BZZzZz updating blog as I've been
rushing up video for this....

F&N Fruit Tree video contest.

Winning criteria base on 60% creativity and
40% public voting ..... yesss !!!

20 secs video but I took days to finish it... T.T
I compose my own song while I sing in da bathroom ~

I feel it's not bad, so I record it down ... =_=
and I play the background song online @@

using my mouse.... T.T

I have no music tissue in my brain but worry not.
I can play DO RE MI and yes only do re mi ... haizz ~

Work ah work, work ah woRk....

Then rush to 7-Eleven for Fruit Tree ~~~

after torturing my neighbors , my mouse , my mic...
Finally my video is done ~~

jeng jeng jeng ~
Spreads the Fruit Tree

This video is about how thirsty I am and
someone came with Fruit Tree ~~
Fruit Tree makes me feel Natural, Fresh and Tasty.
And I should share it all around across the country ^^v

SuperJing spreads SuperJuice in SuperJubilant way!

This is more to entertaining...
SuperJing loves Fruit Tree and drunk away ^^

My skill still very cacat ....
But with your wish, I gonna be more semangat... >.<||
Do borrow your fingers to cross over my fingers.

May good news fall on me soon.... ^^

yup.... dat's what makes me a busy bee lately >.<||