Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spritzer - Tinge in you Best Shot Contest

Another busy weekend cracking my brain ^^||...

Spritzer is organizing a photo contest.
called Tinge in you ~ yew yew ~

Judging will be based on creativity, likes and caption ^^
yeSSsss....oHhh yeSSSss !!! ~

Just get a bottle of Spritzer Tinge or 100 of it if you like.
Pose and show your horse ~

Run about the island to look for rope.
Feels to kidnap some kids... >.<|||......
Found it and wow.... is kinda scary to drop by.

ohHh Noo... failed .
An assassin that don't look scary but GELI ~~

How can this be so cute ???
Can be so short and super long pula >.<||

Then I fly over to Tesco for Spritzer Tinge!!

hom hom hom ~
Putting my ONG-ONG spell ,
Hope contest smooth-smooth and goes well ~

Mission starts and I have to do everything alone T.T ~
Afraid not , am a multitask freak ~~~
yea... am gonna show my horse.... yea my horse >.<

Snap quite a lot of Cowgirl stances...
But I think dis is da best......

Will submit more but can yew pwease donate me
a Vote before I submit moaRRr silly stuff ^^|| ~

Pweasee kindly....
1) LIKE Spritzer Tinge FanPage then
2) LIKE Jing Jing's Cowgirl photo submission ^^

I've show my HORSE here.
If you think you got a better cow, better bull, better unicorn ~
Come on.... show it @ Spritzer - Tinge in you

I'll show more horse soon.
If you need my vote, don't feel hesitate to paste over here ^^||
There more the merrier ~~



Pizza Hut Fish King Contest Winners 2010

OhhHh so hep-pieeeeee ~~~
I got alotttt of things to buy but just out of budget T.T

and YESSSsSS , what a good news ~
ohHh yeSSs, I won a Shopping Trip from Pizza Hut!

and OhhH nOOo, I got food poison and die die hafta go to KL ~

I get to stay at Piccolo Hotel arranged by Pizza Hut! ^^

Heard it's a new hotel ....

Environment not bad huh....

Trying to kaypo around even I'm sick....

My room... No. 803

Not really big but just fit me ^^

I love their basin and shower tap ....

After kaypo ... I terus K.O again ~ T.T

Then we have a briefing section....
Taught us how to spend like a king @@||

Have to sign on some agreement.
Agree for not turning into shopaholic ~
Pizza Hut will not be responsible if you
shop until cramp or vomit or gone mad or.... zZzz

Received part of my prizes ^^
I look so terrible and vegetable.
SOOoo.... sensor ~~!!!

Day 2 ,
I sleep early wakup early for my breakfast ^^
umm... the ham hor... abit weird de taste >.<

yea... sick still sapu whatever to put in my mouth.
I'm so hungry I tell you....
I diarrhea like the washroom gonna collapse already...
I'm just hungry ~~~~~~ T.T

Meet up before the shopping spree start.
Every of the winner get one assistant to follow us ... O.O
That assistant was actually our Choy San Yeh @ Prosperity God !!!

Everyone running like cats & dogs like there's millions to pick up.
kik kok - kik kok rush over to Pavilion ~
Then women walk fast like a horse,
While the man fly over like Santa Clause ...=_=

Pizza Hut even assign 1 Videoman and 1 Cameraman.
They follow us like we're in the making of Shopaholic II ~

And she's June. My Choy San Yeh ~~!!!
HarLoww... opSs... is Choy San Mui ~~
and why didn't she wore red ha ??

woaHHhh... syok ah !!! ^^||| ~

We have a break. Lunch at Pizza Hut .
Yala... makan more la... Toilet is waiting for me ~~~

Pizza Hut served me kaw-kaw ~
but... How do I finish them... =__=||

Some photo section.
yea... is kinda GAYA to hold that board ^^
Too bad, I can't steal it and carry back to Penang... >.<

continue my shopping...
scoring my dream shoe ~~~ arGGhhh !!!

Hop from one level to another ~

yea... sapu-ed all back to Penang ! ^^

Thanks to Pizza Hut !!!
This is awesome... ~~~
You've just make an amazing moment that might not
ever happen in my life !!! ~~~~~~

^^v ~
Will update if I received the photo from organizer =}


Saturday, October 2, 2010

F&N Fruit Tree video contest winners

My busiest month preparing the animation video
finally paid off ^^

Won the Grand Prize ~~
An Apple Ipad 16gb

Thanks F&N Fruit Tree for sending it all the way
to Penang ^^v ~

I submitted 2 videos and this is my winning video
Spreads the Fruit Tree

also a funny SuperJing version that I crack out last minute ^^
SuperJing spreads SuperJuice in SuperJubilant way!

and congrats to the other winners...
they had an amazing videos too ^^

2. Ipod Touch Winner Chewing Gum

3. Ipod Touch Winner Eggyolks

4. Ipod Touch Winner Ken 王子

5. Consolation Prize Lee Yong Yuan

6. Consolation Prize Tan Kong Ang

7. Consolation Prize Pierre Leong

8. Consolation Prize Timothy Matthew Raj

9. Consolation Prize Cecile Yeoh

10. Consolation Prize Yennie Lee Chiao Yeng

Thanks to you who had voted for me ^^v
Thanks F&N Fruit Tree for organizing a fun contest !

View all Contestant video here