Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Freshkon Colors Fusion - Baby Aqua

I am back to flirt on my blog.

Been on and off fancy over contact lens.
Lucky me. Won some supplies from Freshkon!

So, I start with Baby Aqua.
I hope my decision of trying Baby Aqua...
will makes me look like a Baby instead of Ah Gua
I recently fancy over instavideo.
Which quite disturbing if you dare to watch, then please click on it.
Camwhore a little.
Looks not bad huh, I said.
If you have nice opinion to makes me look good. Please comment.
If you don't have anything nice to say. Please comment too xD

Even she might looks like a donkey but trust me.
She is awesome! I said.
Do you fancy contact lens too?
I would love to sell off a few boxes.

1) You know I don't have so many eyes ~
2) And it should looks good on you !!
3) Get a branded one with cheaper price.
4) Your eyes will tell you the different if you used to buy from Pasar Malam.
5) My selling skill is only up to level 5 .
6) So, you want to buy or not !!!!

Kindly private message me at my fanpage;