Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love doctorjob Contest

What's hot this month ??
Is kinda tired.....
I've been acting as Policewoman, Criminal, Warrior.....
and luck just doesn't goes to me.... haizzz .....

Been putting my thinking cap on holiday and all of sudden.
I saw this ~~~~

I love doctorjob Contest by Doctorjob !!!
and the prize is PSP GO ~ go go go ale ale ale ~

OpSss.... voting contest ?? No... no no no .
The organizer have changed the T&C fully based on creativity ^^v!

OoHHhhh yeSSss and where's my thinking cap??
* upturn the house to look for the cap *

I start my first move,
I ran to my nephew with chocolate ^^

Owh, this is not good......
Kenot la, your toys too fake la bodoh!

Aiyo, dat little stretchers can't even fit my little piggy!

No choice, so I run away from home ~~~
Up to the mountain and down to the sea until I found....
huattt ar huaTttt arRR.... this stuff is cool isn't it !!

and now I can start my construction work....

Each time when I'm on with my thinking cap...
My room will turns up a mess ~~

My art work is just nice....hor ? hor ? hor ?? ^^||
* sombong mode *

Then I fly over to my studio to steal some costume.
OhHHhh yes.... I'm gonna be sexy soon !!

Then I proudly put on my badge!
Ayam now Doctorjob's Assistant ~!
aHahAHAHaha... aHHHh ahAHHAhaaha ==|||

I knew I'm kinda thick face to get myself hired as a sexy nurse.
However, my responsibility is to inject you your dream future!

After Doctorjob has analyst your dream and your thoughts...
Here I am !!! Please turn over and give me your buttock !!

Jing: Hey , wait....who's that ? Dats not me wor !!
Cameraman: Nevermind la, same la... I'll add a mole later.

Anyway, is time to torture the camera now ~~~
hehe hoho haha ..... * kaChakKk ka ChaKKk *

Cameraman: Come on... give me some energy!!
Jing: Okay okay, injecting the idea for a better future ~~~

Cameraman: Not enough, add in more OOohmppm!!
Jing: but...butt I look damn psycho edi wor....

The road of success is NOT straight.
We need to take the pain and the fall to...keep going ~!!!!
arGhhhhh arGhhhhh.... future future, you see ?

After all that psycho-psycho
I decided to submit a pretty normal n confident with abit friendly yet
cool also lovely n cute yet gorgeous with abit....eRRrr... umm... nevermind.

My mission completed.

And remember!! You need to print out the badge if
you don't have a Doctorjob's merchandise ~
Doctorjob's badge can be found HERE

Good Luck to you guys!!
Do join Doctorjob's FanPage for more updates!

By the way.... my hair is so pain la weiii T.T
I look like a pineapple monster.....but I'm a cute...^^

Ohhh weiiiiii !!!! oh shit....
Don't snap my lower body....
stupid I hate yewww !!!

arGhhhghghhh... fire blow up da roof ~ #$&#7%^
and anyway......

If you have a better idea to show how muCHhhhh
you love Doctorjob. Come on, join in the contest !

Click HERE for the contest info.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bloggers - 3x Collagen CollagenMAX” Campaign

Remember the Share the 3x Collagen CollagenMAX” Campaign?
Previous blog >> HERE <<

Where you have to upload 3x Collagen CollagenMAX picture
at your Facebook wall and goyang around to ask for like.

Fabulous Lynn will reward those who cekap goyang and
gather the most like... with.... with an iPad2 !!!!

and how about now ??

Now hor... Fabulous Lynn is giving away another iPad2 if
you blog it out !!

How to Join

Step 1
Blog about "3x collagen CollagenMAX"

Step 2
Send the link to by 30th of April 2011.

Step 3
Crossed your fingers and pray for the best

Step 4
Mumble my spell 3 times a day.
After Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner !!

Fabulous Lynn oh Fabulous Lynn,
Your product reborn our skin so shining-shining,
Our appearance now makes all guy pening-pening,
iPad iPad please fall on me for cekap mem- blogging !!

Step 5
Ignore step 3 , 4 and 5 ..... ^^||

The author of the best blog article selected by Fabulahealth judges
will be entitled for a iPad 2(16G) FREE!!!

So... charge up your fingers....
go go go... blog it spread it to other blogger ~!!!!

The winners list will be posted at FabulousLynn and Fabulahealth
on 6th May 2011 @

You might be wondering what is this
3x Collagen CollagenMAX is all about.
My previous blog >> HERE <<

ya la ya la ... I know you'll be lazy to read.
I'll roughly go through once la....

"This 3x Collagen CollagenMAX is a beauty drink for skin.
Drink liao SUI, Drink liao SMOOTH, Drink liao got MOOD !!"

~ The End ~ >.<||

what wor... roughly ma. My roughly means 2 lines.
You better go through my previous post.
Add in your idea and spread it out ~~~

Together we crossed our fingers ^^v

Do catch more info updates of Miss Lynn Lim
at Fabulous Lynn FanPage


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8TV - All Men Are Brothers Contest

Being a busy bee recently....
but nothing can stop me being funny =p

Surfing around and I spot this
All Men Are Brothers Contest by 8tv .

All you have to do is....
To catch All Men Are Brothers 《水浒传》 at 8tv
Every Monday to Friday start from 14 Mar- 15 Apr, 8:30pm !

Step 1
Take a photo of yourself with a creative pose...
when "All Men Are Brothers" is on air.

Step 2
Write who is your favourite hero in "All Men Are Brothers"
and why, most favourite scene

Step 3
Email your submission to or

This is tough man !!
Each episode I grab all my equipments and
throw all over my dining room.......

I don't know which hero to pick until I saw WU SIONG !
And so... I'm targeting him !! Leng zai Leng zai , I'm coming ~~~

I know he loves to drink all the times.....

Get teapot ready....and is time to serve him.
Sila minum my prince ~~

My prince doesn't seems to like my modern teapot...
SoOOo.... I'll need to dig out my Ah Gong's antique
yuyhoOoo... yuUUhOOoo..... ang gu gu ~

End of one episode, there's a preview of upcoming episode.
After serving him wine, I'm going to feed him for next !

hahHAHAHaa.... see ? I told ya !!
How will I let go this opportunity to feed my prince ~~

awww... ciaKKk ahhh , ciakKkk ahhh ~!!!

This kind of satisfaction is so.....
slurPPppp..... sLuRrPPppp ~~~~

After pampering his stomach.
Is time to brush your teeth ~~~ ^^

I like WU SIONG because he is daring to satisfy his curiosity,
Able to beat tigers. Live life tough and has strong personality.

I love this scene when Wu Siong was treated well in the prison,
He acted funny and cute when he was extremely curious about the reason,
To prove himself healthy he carries a big stone all the way up,
He has beefed up body and his sparkling teeth makes me feel to go and brush!

Brush ah brushh.... bRuuShh ah BruSh !!

Wu Siong has a cat's attitude.
He loves to find out about his curiosity.
Often goes in the dark to find out the truth.

No playing candle my prince, very dangerous ~

Sorry but I have to stop yew ~~~

Is late now, please switch off the light !
No switch ? Never mind..... I'll help yew ~~~

Wu Siong's curiosity always end him fighting ~
Ahhh... see, he almost got me killed !

aRRgggHhhh .... Stop !!
I know u wanna eat steak but do I look like a piece of meat ??!!

Wu Siong is a hero.
He will stand if he's right and willing to take punishment if he's wrong.

As his admirer.... I.... I ......
I will follow yeww ~~ Follow yew wherever you may go ~~~

Is hard to capture Wu Siong riding a horse.
No choice, I need to join somebody else ~~
hiakkk hiakkkk hiaKKkk to the battlefield !

Don't play-play.....
I'm as tough, as strong, as serious like all the heroin !

NoOOoo , who uploaded this ????
This is not me !!!!

My mission completed.
Hopefully my silliness considered as creativity...
and my creativity brings me a victory ^^v

uSHhh uUUsshhh gambate !!

The 2 winners with the most creative photo
and answer will each win an iPhone 4 !!!

For more information ;
Log on to