Friday, April 9, 2010

Mr Pot Gurney, Penang

I'm quite a tam ciak girl ....
If I don't control...
Mum will have a Doraemon daughter ~~

Lucky you.... I got my camera with me.
So, I gonna kaypo on what I ate for lunch.

Went to Mr. Pot for lunch...

Counter, which I don't have to tell much about it =_=

Not much people but I wait 20 minutes + ~~ =_=
#&^#$^$&$&*(&$*(#&$(#$&($&*($&($ !!!

U can sit by the side if you wish to peep by passerby ^^

Low chair with cushion for your comfort ~~

Magazine corner and it's really corner =__=|||

Big projector screen, I think only available at night ~

Very nice de menu ^_^ with big hints 24 hours!!!
To those vampire and dragula , here's ur new hanging place!

Ordered Kopi-Peng and Apple Cucumber juice ~

wow... very refreshing...
A sips nia, I jump up already !!! >.<

Then I order this Fish Fried Rice....
The taste is more light,
guess they didn't put much Ajinomoto.
I don't really mind, coz is healthy ar ~

My colleague order this...
I think is a Chicken Cordon Blue ....
Pretty big plate...
I advise U to share unless U wanna gain weight... =_=

Thats the end of my report.
One thing I wish to emphasis is....
Please serve faster larRRRrrr ~~~
I wait until my hungriness also gone edi =_=|||


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