Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Starbucks Treat with Bitches ~

arlow arlow ~~
yellow mellow ~~~~

Time to use my Starbucks voucher !!!!
with.... my.... biatCheS ~~ wweeeee ~~~

Order my Java Chip and feels to try their
....lolly pop too >.< , taste normal lor =_=

Everyone's excited to torture da camera again.
Our 1st Volunteer , gim gim the pig !

Follow by Gracy the dwarf ~~ xD
Mou ban Yao Yeng ar !!!!

uiKkk ?? Take turns la wei ~
One person drink two cups. Fei sei lei ar ~~!!!

Friend, stop watching porn !!
Concentrate at my camera plsssss ~~~

Ka chaKkkkk !!!!
Nobody can escape my speed in catching Tam Ciak Face!
lulu lalala... your tongue can beat the frog , u know??

aiyo, mai ah neh la ....
Let her eat abit lor ~
Her neck can't go further liao.
Kesian nia.....

Lai, my Turn liao... ^_^
My blog don't have my face . Mana boleh !!!

start arranging my style to snap more photos ~
I'm very particular... senget abit also beh song edi !

ooii , hands off la !!
I haven't finish arrange also ~~~ $#*&$#$&*$ !!!

and Nicely Done !!
(Nice meh ?? Duno what so special also ~ =_= )

Start ... say KONICA !!!
Wah, this word haven't been use for century liao hor.

Next .... say Boo Nia Maa !!!
uMmm... this word macam not so nice hor >.<||

Seriously... I've never have fun in Starbucks.
Spending time with my friends.
Play Poker , Surfing.... gossiping ~~~~
I feel so satisfied ^_^ ... weeeee ~

Last shot , trying to act excited but FAIL !!!
Looks so fake, kiam tiok pha like that =__=||

wah lao , give some face la !!
I haven't finish snap also .... T.T ~~
nia ma leh.... hate yew lor !!!!!!

There goes my weekend relaxing with my biatCheS.
Been drinking Starbucks da whole month edi.

and I do giveaway vouchers at Facebook.
Some appreciation to those who support me.
Do add me up and say HELOO ~~ ^_^ !

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CyberSAFE - Digital Contents Competition

This contest got TWO categories...
Either U wanna submit a picture or video.
Or maybe BOTH !!

But I'm in da mood for video!!!! xD

Was kinda new at this ....
Never try to do a cartoon clip before.

Spending few days to study.
Error error , black out and dizzy,
hang hang hang... wait till nak mati, geram... feel to cekik my pc!!!

Time was so limited,
I have to die-die one out ~ T.T

There you go...
Internet Fraud - Shopping Freak !

Something wrong with the quality,
Pai seh as I'm new and in hurry,
Will spend more time to study,
Thanks for supporting and I love yew baby!!!

The result
^_^v ...

3rd Place - Canon IXUS 95 IS Digital Camera
Rachel Beh Jing Jing

I knew I've been spamming all over facebook. >.<

Thank YOU !!

Thanks to Cybersafe Malaysia!!

gratz to all winners ~~~ =D

Friday, March 26, 2010

Canon FACEbulous Contest

Wake up early today....
I'm kinda sesat in Penang...
Even I'm a Penangites... T.T ~

Rushing my way to....
Canon Penang Branch

Been waiting for a while... =( and so hot...
Now days even early morning, the SUN is burning!!
and I smell like satay ~~~ I'm cooked !!

So, I visit around . Owhhh... open not long ago... =D

WahHH... i feel to climb up there to put in mine as well.
Too bad I'm too short and don't have marker pen....
Alright... i try to behave this time .... xD

Various type of printers !!! Wonder if I carry one home.
Anyone will notice ??

walks up and down .... and up and down ~~~

stood here and staring....
dripping my saliva ~~~

wow, My PRINCE !!!
and I can only kiss him outside the screen T.T ~
When is the day I can hang him on my arm ?
Touch him, molest him all over with my palm ~
woOOo !!

Finally the boss attend me =) ...
* shake shake * ~ Ten kiu ten kiu !!!
By the way... what is your name ar ??

Mister, U looks so muscular ~~
Can I touch touch abit ?? >.<
- oOohhhh NoOoo, stay away bitch !!!!

A proper one ^_^v

Take another shot before I leave =D
So hot but ngeh-ngeh wanna smile ~~~~

Thanks Canon for this wonderful Bag !

Head toward to Starbucks after that ~~

Still left a Voucher to pamper myself =D

waiting for my driver to do da job ... >.<
while I fat-hao in da car ~~

saja let U see the whole building ~

Don't worry...
My office near near nia....
There I got a cup of my Java Chip,
Drink a sips and sips whenever I need !

Thanks Canon Malaysia for the Bag
Thanks Foodstreet Malaysia for the Voucher

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Milo Fuze Jam Packs Contest

Wah seh... whenever I see the Iphone.
My eyes really open sebesar mata ultraman!!

Been dreaming to have one since it launch...
Iphone 3G... 3Gs.... until now....
4G.. 5G.. 6G... 100G also coming out edi ~~~
and still I win habukkKKk~~~
hattt Chiewww !!!

So, I give up from aiming that EYE-phone...
Makes my EYE and heart aches only... T.T

and guess what !! also
organizing this Milo Fuze Contest....
For MOST entry submitted, win RM1000 !!!

Money ~~~ MONEY !!!!
There I go hentam ~~~

1st mission...
Kidnap my nephew !!

Baby ar... U think U can hold both
Milo and a dumbbell anot ?? auntie kenot wor ~

There He proved to me, HE CAN !!! xD

Baby ar , U lean down 1st ...
Let auntie see how small is your mouth..

ngaaa... kena tipu again !! xD

Baby ar... the dragon can spray fire...
U wan try spray Milo anot ???

Baby say "I WAN I WAN" !!!!
nyek nyek nyek.... kao tim another shot =D

Baby ar, U think Son Goku more powderful or you neh ??
woOOshHHhh... there goes my Baby's kame hame ha !!! xD

After fooling with my nephew...

2nd Mission....
Kidnap my niece ~~ >.<||
I have to use a torch light to scare her ~
Or else this Little Rat just don't want to cooperate !!

I think cuteness isn't enough...
I must do some ugly cum creative thing....

=__=|| si pek ugly ~
Macam die on da street for few months edi ~

wah seh... America got Indiana Jones...
Malaysia got Indiana Jing !!!

Feel to submit some Yao Yeng abit de action...
hiak hiak hiakKkkkk !!! ^_^v

and I feel it's not enough...
So, I went to do da flying thingy again ...=_=
Pok Kai... PokkkK until my hand also cramb T.T
babi betul ~~ Macam kerbau nak terbang !! =.=

Luckily still manage to snap one ^_^
Flying photo, credit goes to my camera-man Ah Mike!

and guess what...
saw my Supergirl photo at Kennysia dot com ^_^v

But I still not enough entry to get da RM1000.
So, I decided to dig some old photos to edit.
Saw other's entry so fake and still acceptable...
Cincai cincai pi la . I think OK kua ~~~~~

..>.<|| ... like this also can...
Macam tak boleh piiii lor ~~~

Ini memang ngam...
Macam Milo eh Promoter.
Miss ah miss, Milo Ten packets pleaseEEeee ~~~~ !!!

aiceh... can use back this photo...
Don't waste it !!! ^_^

This is real cacat ....
Sorry laaa ~~ I really out of idea lah weiiiii !!!!

ai cehHHhh man !!
This one manyak YAO YENG liao....

Tegak panjang macam ruler,
Gaya comel lagi flexible !!!

and and and... finally.......
I lost for the Most Entry over ={
( got win consolation lor... RM100 minum kopi )

also...also hor...
All those rubbish doesn't get in TOP 40 ...
whYYyy.... whYYy.... ??????
useless !! USELESS !!!!

and WAIT ~~ !!!

OMG.... shock to know ~
This... ThiSsss Little Rat GETs IN !!!
Auntie Sek Sai Lei ~~
muak muak muakKKk !!

meow ~ ummm......
I doubt do I have luck to win that EYE-PHONE this year?

guess... only YOU who Voted might
make my wish come true lor .....=>

CLICK to make Jing Jing wish come true

I appreciate every single vote from you....
Thanks ~ =)

Voters for the Top 5 could win an Ipod Shuffle too.
Good Luck !!!