Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Salted Fish" Tauke Contest by Exabytes (MY)

"Salted Fish" Tauke Contest
Answer these questions and WIN away RM300 Cash!
Q1: How many cast members are there in Exabytes Salted Fish Commercial Video?

Q2: How much business grant you can get from OnlineLahTauke?

How to Win?
- Leave a comment here in the following format together with your answer.
"There are a total of xx cast members in this video, check out to start your online business now and get RMxxxx business grant!"
- Share this post to your wall with the same descriptions.
- Comment on our Youtube Video to stand a chance to win extra prizes!

How we pick the winners?
The fastest one to comment and share the correct answers will win RM300 cash.
4 other Consolation prizes (RM50 in cash each) will be given to 4 random fans who answer correctly, share on Facebook and comment on our Youtube video regardless of speed and time. 

Winners will be announced after 1 week.


The first question is the toughest but no worry. U got me ma!

Damn, count halfway mou tuin-tuin appear another cast .

1. Grey flowery Ah Ma
2. Shiny Beige Sister
3. Collar shirt light grey Brother
4. Pinky sexy auntie
5. Plaid Guy
6. White hair Ah Pek

1. Brown fish net spec auntie
2. Blue collar polo shirt ah boy
3. Grey formal long sleeve uncle
4. Grey shirt brother
5. Black polo shirt kid
6. A pinky creature !

Oh what ?? They changed their seat ???!!!

Left (now become right)
1. Brown fish net spec auntie again (-1)
2. Blue collar shirt ah boy become light purple auntie (+1)
3. Grey formal long sleeve uncle, i think is him (-1)
4. Grey shirt brother become sexy maroon auntie (+1)
5. Black polo shirt kid disappeared O.O (+1)

Right (now become left)
1. Flowery Ah Ma makin muda (+1)
2. Shiny Beige Sister give seat to her brother (+1)
3. Collar shirt light grey brother go out smoke. Green auntie take his place (+1)
4. Pinky sexy auntie transformed to sister holding red bag (+1)
5. Plaid guy go out jogging, unknow male with formal grey (+1)
6. Vision failed.... ::(

Damn, I saw new faces
We start with Top Left okay ??

1. I suspect this head belongs to Grey formal long sleeve uncle, i think is him (-1)
2. Yellow yellow buffalo , I didn't notice anyone with yellow collar shirt !! (+1)
3. Vision failed...::(
4. Suspect this is the purple auntie (-1)

Top Right
1. Vision failed...::(
2. Vision failed...::(
3. Black woman (+1)
4. Purple woman (+1)
5. Vision failed...::(

Top Left
1. Spot Red collar girl (+1)
2. Yellow shirt girl (+1)
3. Ah pekkkk , sit out abit la ~~~
4. Black woman (-1)

1. Pink Guy ? (+1)
2. Yellow Curly Hair Auntie (+1)
3. Sexy maroon auntie ? (-1)

Top Left
1. Long shirt grey guy (+1)
2. Vision failed...::(
3. Sexy maroon auntie =D  (-1)

1. White hair Ah Pek (-1)
2. Ooo... got 2 Grey formal long sleeve uncle (+1)
3. Don't looks like Pinky sexy auntie  (+1)
4. Vision failed...::(
5. Chubby boy boy (+1)

Okay... I think...
I think the answer should be between 30 - 100.
Hey.. I already tried my best to help laaa ~~~

Is your turn now to help me now !
Watch : and give me your answer ~

More information to get that RM300
Go to : Exabytes (MY) FanPage

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mimic an Animal" contest by Berjaya Youth

Last month I joined Mimic an Animal" contest
organized by Berjaya Youth.

Nope, I didn't buzz like a bee or twist on a pole like a snake.
I did some really good barking ;)

Thank god.
I was selected as one of the top 10.

The most exciting part is the votes are hidden.
Nobody knows who is going to win.
All you have to do is hardcore trawl vote among your friends.
Telling them voters will win iPad Mini too !!!

And Berjaya Youth is very strict to ensure fairness.

When the Grand Prize winner finally announced.
I lost a few calories because I happily jump around for about 30 minutes.

My FB friends who voted me now praying for their turn to get the iPad Mini.
And the lucky winner goes to LEE PETER.
He spammed my inbox because he don't believe it was real.... hmm
Silly him !!!

Well, I'm still under medical care for my broken arm.
They made an exception for me to attend their prize ceremony.
Prize redemption rearranged and they even wish me a speedy recovery
so that I can enjoy my new phone =D

aww... their marketing team is so understanding and caring.

See my happy face when I received my iPhone5.
Thank you Berjaya Youth !!!

Berjaya Youth is still actively running some mini contest at
their FanPage. Do join in for more coming surprise =D

Click for more information at
Berjaya Youth FanPage

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Resolution Failed

My 2013 resolution.

I never prefer such camwhore...

My style is
I love to be ON everything.
ON the floor...

ON the post

ON the air

ON the bed
* ohhh blocked again ? c'mon !!!

Too mainstream for 2012.
2013 I want to be different.

So I decided to work out for more stunts.
Flip here, Roll there,
Fcuk here, Blow there....

Jeng Jeng Jeng...
I'm ON medical leave !!! ta ma de

It is just an imbalance fall but I hit jackpot.
Won a fracture bone. nia ma!

This is my latest update.
I'm still active at My FB FanPage geh.
One hand kicking, One hand resting.
No problem ~~!!!!

Okay. That's all . Tada ~
*profff and disappear in the air*