Thursday, March 1, 2012

7aste Hong Kong @ 32 Mansion Penang

Owwh is Friday ~ and I got an invitation to go partayyy !!!

An event of 7aste Hong Kong @ 32 Mansion Penang ~

7aste is about good gatherings, sharing
and introducing interesting cultures from various cities.

In 32 Mansion, there's indoor and outdoor for you to chill.
We look everywhere and decided to sit near the beach.

7aste decorated the place with ancient and modern Chinese feel.
Whole place covered with blue colour ~~

Little signboard of places in Hong Kong.
There's DJ and dancers entertaining the night
with both Cantonese and English song.

Everyone gets a cocktail and free flow beer for the night.
Luckily I meet James, he guide us to claim a free whiskey ^^v

Finger foods are provided by our place is too far to steal more!!!

I smell it's going to rain but is too crowded inside.
So, me and my bitches decided to continue chill outside...
Eat ah eat ah, drink ah drink ah ~

We walk around and bought a souvenir.
RM10 each for anything... not the table la ofcoz ~

Mini signboard's everywhere but I'm banana...
There's game to play too. Highest score could win a prize !!!

Weather turns bad.... so sad.
Me and my bitches take a final shot before trap in heavy rain.

OhhhHhhhhh and whyyy ~~
People go event , I go event.
Why I sooooooo buta one !!!!

Thanks Steph Ng for the the invitation.
Looking forward for the next party.
I will be smarter next time ~ !!