Friday, April 23, 2010

Nando's , Gurney - Hunt for salad

Feeling guilty to eat T.T ~~
Use to hang around Gurney to
hunt for my lunch....

alrite, we decided to land our arse on Nando's Chair.

We welcome by bottles of sauces at da wall.

Not so bright but tidy...

Kaypo around the environment....
Looks a lil like Big standing waffle cake....

I hide myself here, right at da corner.
I prefer not to show off my gorilla eating skill >.<

My appetite growing stronger and stronger.
I force myself to eat salad if it's on da menu!

Here I got this RM9.90++
Caesar Salad.... T.T
Makan sayur pun mahal sangat ...... bodoh ~~~~~

Sorry la... thousand island lagi FAT but but but
the salad too dry la... Later i chocked , how ar ??

I ordered Special Mix Apple Sparking juice.
And it looks like Lemon Tea....

My colleagues ordered the Real Lemon Tea.
But it looks like a Coke.... =__=

A set of Chicken Nando for herself....
Is OK , I will keep my eyes on my food only ... >.<

Her potatoes looks funny...
Thinking of stealing one of her potato.
She can't finish em anyway.... KEkekKEEee

Waiting for her to chew her meal....
ngaumm ngaumm ngauumm....
( wahHAhah , she gotta kill me )

Mou liew abit...
I snap myself thru my Fuji Camera thru my
Lao-Beh Handphone reflect back myself thru my
Lao-Beh Handphone into my Fuji Camera.
( aiyo, gv me chances to act like a PRO la... =_= )

We're late ....
Rushing down and I saw this.
Ogawa shaka bombom reducing fats de machine.
How good if I own one of this.
No need diet-diet paksa diri makan sayur and rumput!

Mou liew betul hari ini....
Saw this sign....
Escalator's user strictly for bear foot only.
Escalator's user strictly for short skirt only.
NO dogs but elephant, horse and cat's are allow.
Long and out-dated skirt are prohibit.
Do NOT shit on escalator.
Do NOT running toward escalator but jumping is OK.
Do NOT carry a big potty to shit infront of escalator too !!

The RING doesn't come out from TV anymore.
They come out from Autopay Machine!!!

So expensive...
Can makan sepiring Wantan Mee already.
No wonder she took hours to dig coins... T.T

Lucky us, we got VIP parking lot !!

On way back...
I wonder when this project finish....

Gonna have new place to have lunch soon...
But when >.< ~~~ Gurney Paragon, Gurney Para-gone ~~~

Nothing special but I keep shooting the board.
Maybe I makan tak kenyang and gone abit sot-sot tei...

The End of my eating report.

Do often remind me to diet...
plSSsss.... U don't need a Doraemon friend !!!



Eileen.Ho said...

i miss penang
nice pictures..great to see some updates on penang, but nothing has changed

Jing Jing said...

=D coz I'm already at the developing site. Nothing much can change liao.

KOMTAR change alot !!!
TOWN is changing.... =}

Hope it gonna get as merry as b4.