Friday, September 16, 2011

F&N Season Chillax Beach2U Photo Contest - Odd & Unusual Place

I wasn't quite satisfy with my artwork for
F&N Season Chillax Beach2U Photo Contest

So, I went to grab more equipment and start my thing!
Ggggeeez, didn't know an astronaut is so expensive.
small head like this without oxygen cost me RM10 !!!

Oxygen tank is must ~~~

Not handsome enough , so i make em a boot !

This is how their smelly feet was born !

ROCKET ket ket ket kettttt
Without this, I have to turn my F&N into superman.
Else.... how they fly up to the space???

The background is most important part....
A clear scenery to show how unusual it is by the theme!

Things that you can see on Earth is common to me.
So, I guess something not from Earth will be unusual ^^

Rehearsal with different position..
Testing testing... 1 2 3

My F&N Season's Rocket !!

Time to off the fan and kiss the sand !!!

More, more, more.....
Not powderful enoughhhhhh ~~

awww.... exactly like it steps on some planet.
Come on, give me the feelinggggg ~~~~

I need WALL.E ~~~
but he's not available T.T ~~
So, i kidnap his cousin WALL.NUT !

Alright . Say cheese....
and freeze , don't move !!!

* kacHakKk *
errr... this angle seems failed...

* kacHaKkk *
aha ~~ This one better !

And as I used to be a funny girl.
I should submit something like my style.
FUNNY ~~~~~~~~ fun fun

Spend an hour to rub him hard.
I mean to rub the can hard!

ohh ~~ I'm turning to The Smurf..... ==

Yea, those funny parts....
All participants is doing this , let's loop in the fun then!

Poke poke poke your eye!

Limited space for my little model

Here you go.... Bruce Lee.... waChaaAAaa !!!!

Tumbukan F&N ~ Sei Mei !!!!

This contest is all about Chillax...
While the rest is battling their kung-fool.
Someone can syok sendiri Chillax up there ^^||

The final...

Then I asked my nephew...
Jing Jing : What is unusual and weird to you?
Nephew : Santa is weird, I ask for an iPad but I always get story book!
Jing Jing : ....................

Hmm... let's see what I can do.
Santa isn't weird la my dear unless he's wearing a bikini la...

Yea... this is weird...
I found this at home....

Now I know where I should send Santa to chill ~~~

Santa should Chill with Angel ~~~
He fly so high anyway. Busy delivering present.
He deserve to Chillax once a while...
And I will take care all his presents..... weee ~~~

F&N Paradise ~~~

Stair of success is never straight....
Stay chillax to reach the top will be great !

and... the final ... =)

Ideas keep coming when you feel chill ~
All unusual scenes keep running in my mind.
I picked 2 and made them up.
Evil at the mountain of fire with dragon.... hmmm

My F&N astronaut in funny version.
And they attacked by UFO !!!!
....and they're still chilling even gets attacked =_=

Alright, is time to shut down my brain.
I gonna have a hard time cleaning these mess T.T

Keep my fingers crossed and have a nice weekend.
woOOhoOOoooo ~~~