Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Samsung Imagination - Blog & Win

AhHHh... though I should've rest .
But... i just can't....

Saw this Contest "Samsung Imagination"
BLOG & WIN !!!

The night before I go to KL for
the MWR Finale.

I rush up for this.
umm... honestly, I don't have confident ~
If I couldn't bag a TV there.
Maybe I give a shoot here ??? xD ~
(the mind of contest freak, damnnn !~ )

Rushing up this and find out....


arRGGhhh..... !!!!!!

but I'm stubborn enough....

There go... I pump up with all my submission!!

1) Earth's leftovers: Fatties and Beasts.

ONE thing exists , EVERYTHING changed !

I had a BAD DAY...

Get advance with romance!

Is even more fun to party!

Give life to the legend

You can have a look for my submission at
Samsung Imagination

Monday, July 20, 2009

MWR - Unexpected News

We've been told that there's a "Best Video"
and rewarding extra points into our percentage ~

Ofcozzz.... I did aim for that ~
We have to submit minimum one video.
And maximum.... unlimited submission if not mistaken.

I submit two videos for each Task.
End of the period. I go pump up extra few more ~

umm... coz I wanna do more??
umm....coz ... I'm kinda addicted with the video thingy xD ~
umm.....umm.... errr..... coz I syok la ~!!

70% from public voting...
30% from Judges ....

5 Judges
The Bling! Brothers - Fly Guy and Ross
Editor-in-chief for Faces Magazine - Lu Jing Shia
TV Host & Actress - Sarah Lian
Journalist, Columnist for The Star - Niki Cheong

So, beside trawling votes from all over the places.
You have to be creative for the video task.
Lastly, finger crossed and pray the judges impress with you.

jeng jeng jeng.....
Surprisingly I won two videos out of my nine submission.

( I just aim for one... the one.... Two Handed Genius ...)

Yea... the votes increase a lil and I'm happy enough for that ~

Here's the result ... =D

Check it out for the videos at
Ruumz Best Videos

and my winning videos
My Life My Passion

Two Handed Genius

Thanks once again ~ weeeeeeeeeeeeee ~

Friday, July 10, 2009

MWR - Just do it

Two days left for the Most Wanted Ruumates Campaign...

Been spamming for more than a months =_= ....
Wondering if this enough ??

Since the contest extended for another 2 weeks.
The pressure increase @@ ~
Gets insomnia.... I can't really sleep.

I get used to it, playing contest reaching the level where
I got no difference with living dead..... =_=

My eyes will just look at one direction, NOT MOVING!!!
while my brain keep running.... my fingers non stop typing....
Besides my fingers and my brain. Nothing else is moving.....
( scary huh ~ ..... )

eikkss... ofcoz I got breathing.... =_=" ~
Hey..... it's just a RM15k worth of prizes ....

Why torturing yourself ???
Sometimes.... beside those prizes....
There's something money can't buy....
That something called "MOMENT" ......

The whole progress.....
From ZERO , nothing to something .....
Everything gets related and when it's all combine....

The outcome is indescribable !!!!!

I guess this is why I get addicted with contest.
The Victory feeling where you only can buy with EFFORT...
sometimes luck... I must say .... BUT...
Do you think almighty god will donate you the LUCK ... just lay on your bed and cried for help ?... guess not ....

Ya ya... the contest freak (ME) .....
Came out with this.....

I got no idea if this help but I'm sorry...
I can't just sit at home with prayer....
That's just not me......

Here... a lil " tak tau malu " of me....
Gonna distribute this flyer.....

Didn't ever think of beside spamming in the internet...
I'm a real energetic spammer in reality too... =_=

Do it all by my own....
( coz I doesn't wanna scare that auntie =_=)

get ready to Spam.... ~

Running 3 difference areas in Penang.
Distributing 6-7 residences....

feed you right...!

eat this .... ~~

=_=.... why it seems can't finish...

aRgghhh.... I really need to shout ~
( ai'rite I feel better now..... )

Present you this video....
where I wish I'm an OCTOPUS at that very moment...
So that I can have a better speed feeding those letter box ~!!
So, you think being a Postman manyak senang??
Makan angin around with thier bike....
Throwing letters around like playing dart ??? =_="

Yea.... not forget the person behind the screen.

How am I gonna make it without you ...=}
She caught in the rain with me...
Feel guilty.....

it's all done.
Move on with my contest life and finger crossed... ~

Friday, July 3, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumates - Voting Party

MWR Voting Party

Date: 25/06/2009
Location: Sanctuary @ The Curve
An event that brought together the finalists and the public for
one night of fashion, dancing, voting and partying!

Here's all the finallist... (not all, some didn't show up) cute i am being the shortest ( self comfort huh =_=" )

B4 the party start, i go camwhore with my Jimui 1st ~
This is Rachel Kokonut ... xD

and this is Jennifer Lee ....
She is the one bother to snap me...
TEN KIU ..... TEN KIU ~~ !!! oh i lap yew ~!!

walk around and saw myself... O.O" ~
awww..... hi pretty ~.... ( wah.... so thick face eh )

appear Kingston Liu ....
He's my partner for today's dancing task....

yea... dancing task without preparation.
We're ready to be the clown.... ={

Meet my cameraman, Alex @ wassup
He's Damn tall.... i better sit down ... =_="

come syok abit b4 the show start.... weeeeee ~

James Chong give a speech to open da ceremoney ~

Start with the Crab Walk...
umm... i mean the Cat Walk for fashion show ~

This is M.E.L.I.S.S.A ( gonna spell it right or u'll get sue!)

follow by... Coco Woo ...
Again... the sexiest profile in ruumz I must say !!~

jeng jeng jeng and me....
Showing you the real crab walk.... wooHOoo ~

follow by Pearlyn Sin-derella ~ xD ~

then Amanda Choe ....
The whole pub filled with her fans ...O.O "

and Raeesa ... the Catwoman... hahahhahHa ~
She can really meow ~

here's Kiwi See ...
Her catwalk beats the real cat !!!

come next... K.A.M.E.N ( spell it rite, she's a lawyer soon)

OMG... Sandra Yap from Penang !!!
The hottest girl for the night.... phee wheett~!!!

We all go "robohkan" the stage for introduction =_= ~

OKOK... the dancing task gonna start soon ~~~
Gonna plan it real seriously........

Kingston , Listen to me!! ~~~
Later you must hiakk HuakKk hOoo HakKKk like that !!!

then I shall come with HiOOoo weEEe wAHHhh WOOo~
OK ?? !!! got me?

We try to calm down ourself ....
Syok around before we go up n kicking on da stage =_=

okok... we are not scare ( we are =_= )

and all the stupid moves start ~~~

more drama............

Jiggee Jon our MC for the day ~
And lucky he din really 'kenakan' us ....

I continue lepak around and suddenly ....
Dennis come out and call me "MUMMY" !!!

so... We, as Ibu Anak, tumpang syok sekejap =_= "
Hey, the syok i mean all these while is

Lepak again, here is Suresh @ susu
He's an active blogger.....

You can catch him at TheRedHalf Blogspot ~
Spam as much as u like ya.... hahahhaha !!~

Never forget the most important gang....
My Jimui... Chrissy @ babe & Rachel Kokonut
eiikss... didn't notice there's 2 bodyguard behind @@~

wow... we are kinda VIP to get protection ~

woOOO.... camwhore ~ !! lai lai ~

YesSsss.... pose pose pose !!!! ~
Bitches love to do this all the times....
We are just one of them.... weeeeeeee ~

not to forget the guys....
Jack @ cken wing , Minton @ batman , Suresh @ susu
We go for the Chicken Wing pose ~

after returning my cloth.... I continue to syok =_="
My best best best mole buddy... aha! ahak ~ !!

fast go for Jennifer again b4 too late !!!
U know, she can go thru wall n get dissapear @@

my my my favourite drink... "angel latte" ~
but u can see, she duwan to layan me!! >=( !

awww... this is better.... weee !!!~

All the way I import "Dao Sa Pen" from Penang.
Forcing Rachel Kokonut to advertise it ... @@

then I go lelong the biscuit to everyone...=}
He eat like Kambing , so i better modify abit
B4 get screwWww up ....... =_= ~
You can't recogniz him, can U?? U duno who is him, rite? xD

back to Alex @ wassup... b4 I gone K.O ... ~
I'm not feeling well that night ={ ~

ok... obviously I'm K.O already... ~
But why la this Chrissy still take
picture like nobody's business... gRRRrr ~~~

here behind the scene....
Time to took off the fake me...
But kinda hard.... help !!!!!!!!!!!

Ending this with my Dancing Video.

Thanks to Tianchad for recording it ...
View all the finalist video at
TianChad Blogspot

pssttt...the voting period extended to 12th July 2009 !!!
soryy guys .... i gotta spam for 2 more weeks....
jing titdaokong