Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nando's Espetada Rustica Contest

Nando's Malaysia came up with another photo contest.
Espetada Rustica contest at Nando's FanPage !

After spending few days to crack up an idea.
I'm now heading to ...... Nando's Queens Bay!

and this is what I'm targeting today ~

I'm ordering it for real...
Putting on my spec for a peri-peri clear stare!

OpSss... forgot to mention what I'm goin to do >.<||
jeng jeng jeng ~~~~

( chiew ... what so special ?? )

hmpph... wait la, wait la...
I have to introduce my order 1st ma T.T ~

This must be da Ponca Zurra Blanco !!
Mixed of Red grape, pomegranate syrup,
Grated gingerground cinnamon and Sprite !
Icy sour-sweet sour-sweet-sweet refreshing U all night!

Gonna halau this mini cartoon away 1st
before I start my mission ~~~
shOoo... shOoo !!

hiaKKkkk ~~ !!!!
An advance cloning not only happen in Japan ~
( hey bitch, nothing cool about editing okay! )

oOOoiii , please brother ...
Please look closer or U need to borrow my spec ? T.T

I actually spend whole day working on this ~

aRGGhhh, I hate it to cut da hand part !!
* yam gung ~~

how happy when it finally doneeee !
weeeeeeee ~~~ ^^v

hmm, stay away~! Silent ~~
Gonna start my mission now!

Hafta get da best angle ~~

eHHh... where's my egg flipper??
Ok, it's not mine...
Where's my mum's egg flipper ??? =_=

yesss, I found it and the torturing begin !
hMmm... this one look so hamsap ~
* reject !

This one not in quirkiest and cheekiest manner!
* reject !

Always read contest rules and requirement...^^
Pose with the dish with da most creative,
quirkiest n cheekiest manner- remember,

extra points 2B given 4 creative use of props!

So you can bring fr home or use anytin found in outlet.

So, I continue torturing my camera T.T ~

and Ohhh Sh*it.....
Mini Jing Jing is swimming under da
Peri peri juice already ~~~~ T.T

Guess I've been posing too much...
and some parts are out of control @@

oHhh damn, I need to rest .
I've been laughing for an hours =__=|||

and done...
but I dun think I will use this one
too ordinary ~~ ={

This one look too Lan-si ...={

Finally decided this.
Mini Jing Jing look just nice ^^v

Trying to steal my chicken huh ??
Gonna ketuk you... man !!!

My mission completed and...
Do VOTE for me!!

More information at
Espetada Rustica Contest Blog Page

Not good in editing...
cincai la... accept la ~~~ T.T


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dentyne Confidance 2010 - Trader Hotel

I got a new boss cum cikgu asked me to join da fun
at Trader Hotel for da Dentyne Confidance Event.

Never been there. I walk around like a Village girl ....

OwHHh and da dance workshop is upstairs.

On way up, saw some cute design for this
football season. Sorry, my hand keep shaking today T.T

I start getting nervous when I see this kind of
environment .... (am a coward coward coward)

Register yourself and get a shirt ^^v
Yes I get one. Didn't snap myself today coz I look sick.

and Sticker too .... =__=||
Feel to stick all over my face, so that nobody
can recognize me... T.T ~

Lucky Draw to win a Sony Ericsson Handphone!

Don't think, Just Dance printed on da shirt.
If only I know how to move... T.T ~~~

Sponsor and Partner and nice arse!

Main entrance. Some dancer already showing off their
skill. Gugu gagaga Gugu gagaga ~~

Each section finished.
Instructor will explain da meaning of dancing.

Lucky Draw after 1st section dancing.

This is how a Lucky person looks like ^^

and this is how a Lucky Lucky kids look like !
He won the Grand Prize Handphone ~~~
OMG OMG , so young already so ONG !!

Then we have a break.
Boss bring me to eat at Prangin Mall.
I didn't know there's a hawker inside.
U see, I'm a fail Penang-lang T.T ~

I got my free Laksa... not bad.
Luckily not spicy or else I gonna cry mother cry father.
Soliii , I duno why my hand keep shaking today T.T ~

Free wantan mee and it's nice ~
I will come again and snap a better picture.
and it's RM3.00 ..... =_=|||

I dunno what's this call but look nice.
Gonna drop by to eat this soon !!! ~~~

Our instructor found his long lost twins in da complex !
His twins isn't bad too. She can Yo Yo Yo while serving us.

Lucky Draw again after 2nd section dancing.

ngaa... another fella get a new handphone!

How bout me ?? hehEHhehee...
Got some Dentyne ... >.<||

and Dentyne...

and Dentyne....!!!! ^^|||

Get sick again after this.
Why ar ?? Every time I went out alone to try
out new thing. I sure get home and SICK !!!

This is a real bad habit.
Too excited, sick ...
Too nervous, sick ...
Too tension, sick ...

haiZzz , bodohhhhhh !