Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cornetto Show Your Love Contest

Cornetto are organizing this Love contest by
submitting 6 pictures and upload it into a slide.

Prizes are RM 10, 000 + your slide will be
on TV to torture all rakyat Malaysia >.<||| ~~~
2nd prize is RM 5, 000 and 3rd RM 2, 000.
Voters even can win Iphone !!
Aren't this scary ????

There I go grab Andy Chester....
One of a famous internet kaki
to play along with me..... weee ~~

We decided to beheaded ourselves =_=
Took me days to crack out ...
the MOST ROMANTIC scene ever !!!!!

Before setup the romantic-romantic scenario.
I have to pick my best pig head pic 1st ...=_=

Expression is very important !!
By da way, I'm not naked =__=||

Have to AHH here and AHH there ~
Acting skills are important too !! =_=||

After the AHH AHH skill ....
I have to turn left and right and left and right ... ZzzZzz ~
Neck gonna cramp >.< ~~~~

After exercise my neck...
Carry on to exercise my mouth.... @@
Eeee Oooo Eeee Oooo Eee Oooo ~~

There goes our super romantic scenes~

Andy sang...
"I luv U, U luv Me, We R happy family".... =_=

romantic de ice cream bubblessSss ...OoOOooo

hiakkk hiakKk hiakKKk ~
Prince An-dee and Princess Jinglebell ~~

wOOohOoo ~~
Swimmers love banana boat...
We love Cornetto Boat !!!

Snows are falling from Sahara...
But now, snows are falling from rumah saya ....^^

Ending da clip with...
I want to kiss Cornetto and not Andy the potato !!

We smell fishy for this contest =( ...
So, I go create another more romantic de slide!

Twinkle-twinkle lil Star...
How we wonder where our RM 10,000 are ???

Truly Madly Deeply .....
I wanna stand with you on the Mountain...
I wanna bath with you in the sea ~~~

=_=... we looks like big head nut instead of astronaut!

Cornetto is flying without wing ~~~

Follow by Cornetto connecting love to heaven ~

This is what suit the theme...

Do support our slides where U can watch it here!

Voters get to win Iphone~
Lets cross our fingers...
All the BEST to YOU AND ME !!


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