Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prizes for January 2010 - Good Opening

owHHh... so fast...
It's END of January already

Exabytes Blog & Win Contest

1) Cheque
Joining last year. Da prize was suppose to be
an Iphone 3Gs !! Is my dream phone ^_^

But some issue happen, so I accept the cheque~
I'm Money Face anyway xD... ekkEKekkeE

THANKS Exa Bytes for running the Merdeka Campaign!
and my entry ---> HERE ^_^

I keep the money and aiming to get
my NEW Scooter xD ~~~
brOOomm bROoomm weeeeee ~
BanGG... eee ooo eee ooo ambulance ~
( choy ~~ TOUCH WOOD !!!! )

2) Ipod Shuffle 2gb
Won from Tweet & Win Contest organized
by Exa Bytes in conjunction of Merdeka too!
I think I've post it up ealier ---> HERE ^_^

FoodStreet Photo Contest
1) Food Vouchers
wahh... gonna be a real fatty during CNY ~
Let's get FAT baby !!!!

sending some to my beloving voters ~ ^_^
spreading da fats n live bold together !! >.<

Digi HP Mini Poster Contest
1) HP Mini Netbook
wOOohOoo... DiGi so sporting.
Giving away HP Mini Netbook DAILY !!!

yea... all U have to do is submit Creative Photo
with your Digi Modem...=D
ofcoz must active one la... =__=

I'm kinda Netbook Collector...
Owning a HP Mini is always in my list !! xD

3 USB hole and SD Card .... Very usable !!!
It's battery shaped "L" like a stand,
It makes da keypad narrow down to ur hand,
U can relax both arm and rest ur palm,
Surfing freely with no cramp and much FUN!

Wah seh.... I talk like a HP promoter ~~ >.<

Bigger keypad 90% as big as Home Computer,
It's pretty easy to get coop for those lousy typer ~ ^_^
Don't worry if U got an Elephant Fingers,
Having a Cock Eye doesn't even matter !! >.<

yea... seeing my Kambing smile and you
could guess how much I love it !!!

Oooii , don't envy wei. U have no idea how my
Journey is all about .... T.T

damn, why my hair looks like janggut kambing =_=

Nestle Invite Friend Contest
1) Milo 3 Packs
Cute huh ?? and Nestle stuff is so friendly n concern.
They call and call to make sure U do received it .
How nice to have such organizer !!! I support you Nestle !!

[goOssh, mum took it... 'sei for' how to snap >.< ]

Nescafe Script and Video Contest

1) Cheque
WahHh, this is hard to do .
And all credit goes to dear KEL KEL !!!

With his bombastic English, He submit a bombastic story.
He gets chosen as Top 20 and it's not easy !! CongratzZzz ~~~~

He loop me in for spamming and share the fortune.
awww.... Sank Kewww ~~
Arigato happily swinging wf my broom ~ ^_^

We've been working hard to spam, beg, force and whack people's UP,
Hell yea.... gangster wanna-be collecting votes like Sor Hai and NUT !

2) Ipod Shuffle 4gb
eiii ? How come win so many ??
Coz this is under referrers category.
YeSss... ush ush !! I always want da silver colors.

and 4gb!!!
I haven't do da comparison between
da OLD version wf this NEW slim sexy version.
This NEWer version, da volume is attach to da earphone.
How good it is ?? I no time kaji , soweeee >.<|||

3) GSC Movie Tix x 4
eiii... why can't finish winning de?? I'm one of da voter ma =_=
It's not my submission, I'm da ke-le-feh supporting nia >.<

Perodua ALZA Photo Contest

1) Cheque
wow... now I see da miracle of Bad Guy indirectly turns Good One.
Trying to ruin my reputation huh ??

Swearing to God and kicking dust to my eyes.
Who? No idea baby, but for sure a Loser who failed to beg more votes!
U can scroll down for my previous blog's comment n da shoutbox.
How exactly a loser could act ? Exactly n worse than u can see on TV !

I can blink one or twice for your back-stabbed but please keep this in mind
GOD NEVER BLINK !! ( fiak me, I'm saying YOU, you know who u r !! )

That's me ( Feel free to crop my head and tell da rest I'm a biatCh!! )
la la la ~~~ wow , I'm acting LANSI to some kinda Siew-Yan ~

and this is my entry... weeeee ~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jing Jing New Year New Scooter

haiZzz ... my scooter broke down again.

Scooter?? yea... my scooter .
Wasn't from a rich family so....I don't have a car.
I travel around da island with my mini scooter.....

Umm... not really MINI , is kinda heavy to me eh =_+

Bought a 2nd hand one 6 years back and it gets me
in trouble when I scoot home....
But no choice, couldn't afford to get a new one T.T

Frequently send HER (my scooter) to let
Sifu molest a while to kick HER sickness away ~
This is a HIAO scooter *(@#$*($&$($#)($#

sometimes U gotta kick to awake this bitch... T.T
SM technique applied when SHE need !!!

and so... that's how terrible my journey in da island.
It's been a good opening NEW year for me ^_^v

jeng jeng jeng ~~~~
Jing Jing de NEW Scooter !!!

So, did I just won some lottery ??
NOOooOOo.... I don't gamble baby =)

and Hurrayyyy and it's my dream plate PJJ
Penang Jing Jing ... xD

Let's see what makes my dream came true =D
In my next blog le dear.....

* muakKKss *

Saturday, January 16, 2010

D'Joint Cafe Bar New Year 2010

That's da place where my biatches plan to rock on
in da NEW YEAR 2010...

It's pretty crowded but I didn't shoot da humans.
Coz I feel weird when those human act like celebrities
whenever I try to shoot at d environment ...=__=||

aww... alright, I change my mind.
Looks like nobody free to care about me... @.@

And da 'syok sendiri' activities now begin....
That's my bitchy looks.....
Bought da shirt 2 yrs back T.T ~

eHHhh... i'm in rush le.... cincai grab a
RED RED ong ong dress will do ler >.<

Kinda sleepy so I'm doing some Po Po Po Ker eyes
technique to stay awake. Lady Gaga song works , man !!!

Yea, never miss this section.....
Proudly to be da 1st to torture da camera ^_^|||

umm... it's crowded but not until you couldnt walk la...
U can still managed to get a place to sit n drink n kaypo
around de. Still could get some fresh air compare to Gurney T.T

Da TWINS named Ham Jing Ben and Yew Za Koay ~
Sometimes just hate to shoot with her.
Keep stold my limelight.... babi !!!!

We even caught some homo activities around
the area... O.O||| ... sOOoo GAY !!!!!!!!!!

and even saw maid abuse during this wonderful night.
But as this maid looks pretty Yong Sui...
So we just stop and stare while enjoying da beer xD ~

some terrorist were fighting to get their bomb ready.

all of sudden a bomb was pointing at me.
and this is da Notty Chubby little soldier !!!

I jump up from my position...
Flip over some chairs.....
Skipping zig zag from all direction...
and snatch da bomb 90 degree on air !!!

I looks like a HERO saving my lil Princess
Chris behind me huh, so 'yengggggg' ...^_^||

and the WAR begin ~~~~

bing bang bomb , bing bang bomb !!!
U're so lucky, no need go there also can see...
May my virtual ONG ONG bomb,
Brings luck and follow you home ~~~~~ =D

Then... celebration begin... so heppi !!
We're Still SURVIVE ~~~~
Wah, who so smart cover their glass n not mine!! =_=

Our baby sitter... I mean our beer sitter who make sure
we sit and beer and sit and beer and sleep and beer @.@

Feel to molest her waist .....
So smooth and fair.... >.< |||
But think twice, she go Bomb with her ~ T.T

wahHH... da 1st Tiger I saw for da year.
nGaUUmmMm ~~ so wild ....O.O
Looks like she gonna bite off da glass... >.<

Ofcoz da Group Photo !!!
These biatches are all from CLS ~
Cool Ladies School.... ^_^

uMmm... this isn't a complete set =(
Some of them just gone missing go fire up da washroom =_=

we loop in da Tiger to ONG our Tiger Year... gRrrRR !!

I cabut quite early about 1am+ ...
Don't scold me la... I still cough that time, remember ??

You don' wish I cook you my lung for dinner , right... >.<
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prizes for end 2009

al'rite... I've change my mind (again ^_^!!)

I decided not to blog about my prizes due to
some Pengacau who's been spamming over my blog.
Spam almost everyday... everynight....
( He syok visit me wor, what to do ~ )

But looks like Pengacau is forever a Pengacau.
Trying to be humble... blog about my lifestyle...
I love peace ^_^V ....But neh hor...
Someone is getting KOR FAN neh...

I just be who i am la....
No energy to bother bout ur feelings anymoree ~~

back to were I stop from previous winning.
RUUMZ again ~ ^_^!!!

Most Wanted Ruumate
1) Samsung LCD TV 32 inch
-Blog this earlier carring my baby home HERE ^_^

2) Acer Aspire Timeline Laptop
teng ~ How much I love this one !!

Unwrap it right away at 3am when I reach Penang

Slim enough...^_^ but don't la compare to MacBook =_=
Long lasting 8hr battery with 3 USB holes ( it's a girl again)

Closer look for da unwrap moment ~

slowly get her naked... woOoOo ~ ^_^!!!

and the baby is boRnNNNnn ~~

2) Wiggy Modem with 1 years subscription
- but my wimax still not yet activate =_=

can see but kenot use ...>.<

3) Samsung Amani Handphone
I think its for guy. Very colourful looks just like Disco ~

Dad doesn't want it... thats why I put at my garage

Very nice set and Dad took it at then end. xD

4) Barbie Eyes Contact Lens by Minton Yap
- Gave to friend, doesn't got a chances to snap it

5) Mooks and Ripcurl vouchers worth RM1000
But I've spend those vouchers for my family and biatches

my beloved sister gets one ~~~

and myself... RM99 for a shirt ... faint man @.@

grab some socks for mama, thick n comfortable ~

ofcoz never in my life to buy it.
RM99 ... my one week's meal =__=

look closer at their design, u might feel worth it !!

Threw da rest to my friend,
I couldn't afford to buy it ...T.T

6) 2000 blings to be spend in ruumz
opSs... spent some for ruumz causes ^_^

7) Features in Faces Magazine !!!
This is only da beginning ...T.T

Show your move live ~

Survey about tattoo ~

Ruumates Introduction

Lazy type out mine ... sorry sorry T.T ~

The waits are over ~

excitedly flip over da pages ~

A dream just came true
Unforgettable moment ~

here da yong sui one came out ~

Torture your eyes a lil more... =__=

Faces Survey Contest
- I go cut my magazine and join the contest inside =_=
Jia lat leh... but still win something ~~ hO ho hooo

1) Book ( Not yet read =_= )
2) Cavin CD ( not yet listen )

3) Guy Facewash ( sista took forget da brand =_=)

4) Redken wax ( cool coz i dun hv one ^_^ )

5) Garnier Face wash ( haven use )
6) Revlon Lash Fantasy 2 Mascara

- Love this the most , unique 2 way black and white!

Ruumz Refferal Contest
1) Ruumz merchandise
sorry if i had blog this one. I forgot ~
Love ruumz's pen da most !!

Autoworld Contest
1) Alat alat kereta yang saya tak guna.
- I stunt a moment where come this rice cooker
and i gets fooled by its cover... =_=

well... ting tong tiang, ting tong tiang
these stuff worth RM500 ^_^

and goes to sista and biatche's car
I only ride a scooter .... T.T

NetOnBoard Contest
1) Intel USB Speaker
kewl... and surprise to know I'm da winner.
Luckily Jared told me, Ten kiu kid !!

Voucherme Contest
1) Sushi King Voucher RM10

KFC Bettles Contest
1) RM400 KFC Vouchers

- RM100 goes to my supporters

they just deserve it !!

- RM100 keep for my biatchesSs
Thank you for your support all the times!!!
Without YOU , I'm NOTHING !!!

Jacobs Raya Contest
1) Jusco Vouchers RM2000
- guess i had show this off at previous blog HERE ^_^

how good it could be a forever spend !

Bliv Tagline Contest
1) Bliv Hamper worth RM500
- wow , surprisingly I'm one of da Top Ten =D

Hua hua hua... all da way from KL ~

Looks pretty cool de, they arranged it so pro ~

tooks me awhile to seperate it off =_=
and i still got no idea how to use it ....
( why la born as a girl... so Ma Fan hor @.@ )

New Zealand Ice Cream Contest
1) 12 tub of Ice Cream
- Blog earlier about the efforts HERE ^_^

Need to claim from Seberang Perai

Sorry for no extra,
Need to love my family 1st

The Body Shop Love ETC Contest
1) Love ETC Hand Wash
- Submited my weird video HERE

I guess that's all ba ~
These is all accumulated for months
as I decided not to blog it out earlier.

umMM... so, how your winning lately?
Do remember to share with me ya =)

Stay tune for more gadgets coming the way.
and do support my garage.
Guarantee new and cheap ^_^v

OnG ONG mali mali ~~