Thursday, April 22, 2010

GSC-EON Bank Credit card IP MAN 2 Contest

GSC-EON Bank Credit card is organizing a
contest by completing this slogan
“I like IP MAN 2 because…” in not more than 15 words.

I love to watch Martial Art's
stunt from Donnie Yen, Jacky Chan,
Sammo and Jet Lee ... blah blah blah~~

IP MAN 1 is good enough to glue my arse on
my chair. I can't wait to see IP MAN 2 !!!!!

Trying my luck over there for the Day 1...
Spam about 5 slogans at their wall xD ~~

1) I like IP MAN 2 because
his wing-chun smooth like tau-hu,
speedy and strong like lao-hu,
admire him like my si-fu!

2) I like IP MAN 2 because
he's an [I]nteresting [P]erson with
[M]orality. [A]dmirable, [N]atural legendary hero
that stays in everyone's memory

3) I like IP MAN 2 because
He's Fast He's Cool, He fight justice with Kung Fu.
Caring yet Daring, He's truly encouraging~

4) I like IP MAN 2 because
He kicks and blocks, Punch and stop.
He kills the inhuman and save who's not!

5) I like IP MAN 2 because
he Wing Chun-ing like an Eight Hands Sotong,
Beating Villains until shout Tolong-Tolong~

and.... jeng jeng jeng ~~~

I won myself a premier IP MAN 2 tix !!!

Fast isn't it !!! Submit on Day 1 and they announce the
winner on Day 2.

Now you know how fast and efficient regardless
in contest or services ^_^v ~~

Simple. Convenient. Delivering Value.

but too bad... I'm from Penang.
Probably I can't rush to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur T.T

awww.... don't worry.
I'm a happy go lucky person xD ~

As usual, I gonna pick a Lucky Friend !!
The tickets now goes to PETER EOW.

Thank you for always supporting me.
Hope you enjoy the movie and please
don't tell me the story !

Will go to feel the excitement myself ~
lulu lalala ..... lulu lalala ~

Hey !! NOT YET ~~
There's still things to grab over at

The Ultimate Movie Card Fan Page

Samsung B2100 Mobile Phone
might be yourssSSs !! wah wah wah ~~~

hiakK hiakKk hiaKKkk and
keep your finger crossed ~ ^_^v

Click to view
Daily Winner Listing

Thank you
GSC-EON Bank Credit card !!!


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