Monday, June 29, 2009

Journey to MWR - Voting Party

awww... can't really sleep.
Get up at 6am...
Make sure I pack everything....
and KL... here i come !!!!!

Before the journey starts...
Meet my boss for the day...

Rachel Koh @ Rachel Kokonut

I knew her from ruumz !!
We are ngam key....
We are both Rachel.... and
We got .... THE SAME MOLE !!! ( can u belif that !!)

there's suppose to be an assistant
Jack Tam @ Chicken Wing but he's holding d camera.

They treat me "Yu Dao Mai Fan"

then Rachel brings me around at The Curve =}

she sacrify her work to take care of me today!!

umm... i got no idea what she's watching with
this kind of expression.... o.O"

then Andrew the Kangaroo hand me my Ipod Nano
for the winning of Be My Ruumates @ BMR Contest

then Lilian brief us about the event....
and this John Lean is sleeping !!!!

The girls are pretty excited...
They bee-bok bee-bok bee-bok the whole day....

yeaa.... i'm the quiet one ( really ???? )
coz... I dunno what they're talking about =__="
and Luckily Karmen entertain me =} .....

Nothing to do...
So, I go kaypo over the guys ~ weeeeeee ~

This is John Lean. Good Morning !!
And he looks cuter in real life .... wow ~

Next... Dicky Oscar ~
Yea... the fella with good stamina in dancing....

His Video --> Dicky Oscar's Life
He looks far more better comparing to his photo.
and that's why i promote abit.... lalala ~

This is Raesa... She's friendly ~!!

and I think she really looks abit like her cat O.O !!

then... I go Kaypo with Coco Woo....
She got the Sexiest profile in ruumz !!!!

She's very sporting.... and I advise you...
DO NOT challenge her with her alcohol skill.

weee... this is Kiwi See...
She's da one talk to me when I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Poor her sit infront of me....
Now she's my victim without make up.... (HAHAHA!)

Here I am !! ~
Who else will be so helpful to take pic for me?

Thanks KIWI !!! .... xD

now is my turn to become a peacock !!

OMG... she's gonna dig my eyes out !!!~~

James Chong come over to greet me =}
( why la you block his face =_=" )

umm... I'm done !! =}
arGGhh... there's my partner ( for MWR's task) behind me =_="

smoke and drink at the same time~
HATE YOU !!! ( don't worry, he knew that xD ~)

jeng jeng jeng....
Me again.... wow, the fake eyelash really looks so fake!

thats me done with my make up...

Beside me is Minton @ Batman (He sponsor the contact lens)
and I know my hair looks a lil bit like curtains... =_="

I get my MOOKS 's beach wear for the fashion show.
and go meet up with Alex @ wassup !

Jing Jing : hey, do you think is possible
for me
to jump and smack your head???
Alex : umm.... maybe ~
Alex : umm... maybe not ...

Jing Jing : alrite... =_=" ~

Catch whats happening inside The Santuary....
( in my next blog.... )

More Videos and Photos at
Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumate - Week 3

Task 3 -
Show us your mates, buddies, BFFs

This is kinda hard...
coz... I don't hv much friendss...
okk... maybe I should I say... I have friendss
but most of them are non- supportive type.. ={
( sad but true.... )

But LuCky Me !!
I love to take photos...
The creative me comes out with theseee~~

i) Friends (click for original)

This waterfall is at the Mainland.
Umm...called "Taman Hijau Hutan Lipur" ...
Sowee, I duno how to go...
I'm owiz a follower ~

ii) Me and My Bitches (click for original)

Don't have anything special for this Task.
I was supose to book them to took videos with me.
But.... haiz... ~

Nevermind, Life still goes on...
I still got my Assistant !!

Bubble and Sportsgal

I LOVE YOU ~ !!!

More video and photos at
Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumates - Week 2

Task 2 -
Show Us Your Hidden Talent !!

awww... how easy.
I can smell they are goin to ask us to show sumtin....
and i'm rite..... weeeeeee ~

i) Glorified Moment - Karate (click for original)
a'rite... gonna show off this one!!!

umm.... hehehe, this video is actually taken
8 years ago... ( but who know?? I still look the same!! )
OKok , I know there's some I've to answer all the times.

Again I prepared my Q & A ( ai ceh.... )

Q1 - When and Where is this place ?
A1 - SUKMA 2002 at Sabah

Q2 - How long you learn Karate?
A2 - Since 13 yrs old.... umm 10 yrs ??

Q3 - What Belt ??
A3 - 3rd Dan... I knew U duno what's that .
It means I'm better than ordinary black...
It means I'm better than someone who is better than ordinary black
It means..... umm.... awww nevermind ( save some to brag nextime)

Q4 - You teach ??? You ???
A4 - YeSssssss , I am a SENIOR Intructor
and BOooo....I know I don't look like one ~

Q5 - Why Quit ??!!!
A5 - ( will tell u personally.... )

ii) Karate Talent (click for original)
a'rite .... I shouldn't show off the passed.
So, i decided to go dig my GI now!!!......
ahaaaa.... umm not bad huh ~
a'rite... not so good.... hmmmm
but haRloww.... I've retire for at least 5 years.....
I am not good but still not bad.... =}
( let me comfort myself la pweasssssee ......)

wow... i still looks good with my GI.... weeee ~
( gettings old but never grow... @@)

aha ... just nice.... ( wat wat wat !!! )

my partner for the day... Sharon @ Sporstgal

Discussing.... hey, later i throw u then u fall ok?
then u fly to the wall then spin like Chun Li ok ?

warm up ... waChaKK with a Side Kick ~

then comes with WaChakk Snap Kick ~

hell ya, she is needed to be my sandbag !!!
( soweee laaa !!! ~ )

HiaKKk... my famous Hook Kick ~
( I can slap anyting without my hand.. gRRrr )

={... a few poses for this and i pain for days...

I'll tell you if this WORTH !!

carry on with my next talent....
aha...... ~

iii) Two Handed Genius (click for original)

ohhh yea~
Is this me , Is this me ????
yes, babe.... =D !!!
Actually I think of this for a very last minute....
Thought of a simple explanation that I'm both handed.
But... I feel like a Zombie after work... ( just for that day la...)
Sumtin direct me to somewhr else instead home ( my stupid brain lor...)
I stop by the market.... ( scary.... huh )
Get TWO whiteboard pen.... ( oh my god... )
I paid RM6...!! ( this is normal... =_= )

There my assistant waiting for me =D ~
( the FOC Cameragirl ... weeee ~ )

And SO !! what happened????????????

( okay... lame story.... @@" )

Q & A ( yess yesss ~ )

Q1 - How you do that ??
A1 - With my hand ~~

Q2 - So use both brain then?
A2 - No, I draw with my hand.

Q3 - Can you draw with toe?
A3 - Did you see my toe in that video?

Q4 - Can you draw pokemon for me?
A4 - You are dealing with a money face... (nyek nyek~)

Q5 - Aww... I voted for you and say that to me???
A5 - OKOK , I DRAW FOR YOU !!!!!!!!

Anyone else there think my drawing is OK.
I say OK ar, I din say NICE.
You can PM (private msg) at...

Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!

yala, I will draw for you but...
if I find out you are NOT the one who voted for me....
You will see what happen in my drawing !!!!!!
gRrrRRRr ~~~~~

Monday, June 8, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumates. Week 1

We are given ONE WEEK time to submit our video...
or.... NO EXTRA POINT will be added....

Show Us A Day In Your Life

Sei la , I'm a boring person. I seldom go out one ={ ~

I chat in internet more than reality...
I join my ruumz more than my buddy...
I sit with my PC more than my family ~
I'm a boring person and now you see ={ ~

haiz ~ ... Sei Zao Sei La .....( mati pun mati lah )

VIDEO je ma .... Sai Mat Keng arRRrrRrrr ~

jeng jeng jeng ~

i) My Life My Passion (click for original)

yea... this is what I do ....
yea.... i can jailed myself at home the whole day...
yea.... sometimes weeks....
month???.... ummm.... if necessary.... maybe...

After this video, I notice I have to answer the same
question several times.... so now...

I PREPARED THIS Q & A !!! ( smart eh.... )

Q1 - You sew that??
A1 - Does she looks like my maid ??

Q2 - Wahh... is that real blood?
A2 - What makes u think my fingers produce ketchup??

Q3 - Did you win that Viva ???
Q3 - I'm still waiting for the result.... will u pray for me?

Q4 - Aiyo... you eat so many instant noodles? not healthy la...
A4 - That's the thing I afford to eat..... can u treat me ?? plsss....

Q5 - YOU WON THAT MacBook ??!!!
Q5 - YOU WANNA Buyyyyyy ???!!!!!!!!

For further question, please add and bom my inbox !!

Some photos from "My Life My Passion"

Siao eh.... I sew until 7am in the morning @@

Sew until my eyes also "sepek" ~

Nah nah.... the real blood...

so what ??? that's not even 1% of my monthly...errr... nothing!!

am just another happy go lucky girl... .weeee~

aha, impress eh ?? Will tell U if this worth !!!

=_= ... I know is not healthy.... I've change coco-croach already!!

i mean coco-cruch.... for breakfast +_= ~

ai ceh... this drawing that win the heart of judges i guess xD ~

ai ceh... damn creative ler... ( wat wat wat i'm just being honest !! )

ii)Market Addiction (click for original)

yea... I know I'm SOoooo auntie...
but for sure I'm the CUTE one !!
(slap me ...slap me...)

Again my syok sendiri photos from
" Market Addiction "

I duno why i nvr gets bored eating here....

also the same "Char Maggie Mee" every weekend ^^

Kacau-ing around but never buy ... ( pai seh... pai seh... )

sooo BoOOtiful but I dun use them... @@ ~
soli laaa.... im not that lady ...errkkKK ~

ehh... am not gonna show u more coz....

Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!

pssstt... I'm late submitting my Task 1.
my mark gets deducted.... ={

Friday, June 5, 2009

Most Wanted Ruumates

I saw this contest when I enter their
Be My Ruumates @ BMR Contest earlier.

Wondering what is thiSss Most Wanted Ruumates ???

Didn't really bother it much as I thought it must be some kind
of Beauty Pageant .... =___=" ~

Spent almost days and nights chatting in Chatruumz
Enjoy kacau-ing ruumz's crew....

as there's not much ruumzster around yet ={ .

UNEXPECTED one of them nominate me ...... weeeeee ~
UNEXPECTED I get their call........ wowwwwww ~
UNEXPECTED I get selected...... wOOooshhh ~
UNEXPECTED I'm the oldest...... =____="
UNEXPECTED I'm the shortest........ =_______+ """
UNEXPECTED..... umm.... nothing else........

I will have to submit my photos + some information,
answering some questions.... simple one, but i took the whole day =_=
sending numerous email asking .....

Then.... then what ??
huh... What's that ??? ..... ~

But Luckily their staff kinda patience with me.
Ma Fan sai ar ....Andrew Oon (pssstt... i call him kangarooo)

And now......

jeng jeng jeng ~
ME , ME , ME and my TWIN sisters all gets selected !!!~
weeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~

yea... in my dream ~.... =___=
So, here it is....


ahaaa~~ don't get shocked la....
coz I sudah mula SPAM sharp on time.....
erRRr..... I'm a comper ma... =}
Alright, the games starts ....

Being a SPAMMER jer ma....
Sai mat keng ar ~~ ~~ ~~

and OH , SHIAT ..... what happened after this ???

U think being a "MOST" ... yess the MOST "WANTED" ~
soOoooo easy ma ???!!!!

We have to fulfil their Task or gets Disqualify .....

sei la..... sei la ~~

and be prepare to see this EVERYWHERE!!!

I gonna pollute everybody's blog with this BANNER !!

More about me at
Jing Jing's Ruumz Profile!!

and the prizes are...

wOOoHooo.... gambate!!!!