Monday, January 23, 2012

7aste Hong Kong event - 32 Mansion, Penang

Be Enchanted with the Secrets of the Orient

7aste (pronounced as Taste) is back again.
This time 7aste Hong Kong is only happening exclusively in Penang.

Step into Asia's charismatic land that never sleeps!
Hong Kong is a unique destination with multiple personalities
and global connections to many of the world's cities.

7aste brings the heartbeat of the city's clubs
and bars in all it's glory for a night to be remembered
with its positively drumming momentum, energy
and buzzing with glamour and excitement.

Here, one finds the perfect blend of rich heritage and
cultures as Western customs and ancient Chinese traditions intertwines.
Navigate its tightly packed sidewalks and you’ll be greeted with neon signage,
steam-filled canteens, slow traffic, a concoction of Western influences and
a babel of chatter. At every turn, Hong Kong is enchanting,
it’s intimidating but once you get acquainted to it,
Hong Kong is indeed a place to delight in.

What is 7aste ?
- 7aste is a brand that represents smoothness that inspires
- 7aste is about bringing sensational indulgences from all over the world
- 7aste is about good gatherings, sharing and to enjoy exclusive privileges as well as to witness the many interesting cultures from various cities just by experiencing 7aste.
- Other words to describe 7aste:
Optimistic, Surprising, Exploring, Dynamic, Proactive, Genuine, Contemporary, Independent, Understated, Stylish

The first time ever!
7aste Hong Kong event is held exclusively at 32 Mansion, Penang only
Event date: 3rd February 2012, Friday
Event time: 7.30pm