Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 Countdown Gurney

We blow our first kiss during the eve xD ~

We blocking everyone and we dont care ~ =_=

Some voodoo dance performance for the night
in the middle of Gurney Walk ~~

Then da biatChes conquer da TREE when they saw it.
Where am I ? Working as cameragal lor ~~~~

They just stood there like celebrities... apala !!!

Finally my turn ~~ ^_^

ofcoz stay a lil longer to pose la ~~

Time for the biatCheSSS ... woOOo ~

eHHhh... apa nie !! She skip her dinner ????

guess I know who's dat biatCh who make
her looks like a Puteri Bunga here ...=_=

Mali mali... Lets rape da camera ~

the rapist.... =_=

kaChaKKkk ~~ !!!

phewWWww ~~~

masih tak henti henti lagi ~~~

even got band sang us Christmas Song ~~

we kidnap them with their cookies !!!

I busy snap all da sweet moment !! =D
Look so PRO but not... T.T

Yeahh baby... 12am !!
Time to give da group molest hug ~~~

OOoiii .... I'm still alive...
Stop listening to my heartbeat... >.<

Ban COOL awhile since nobody's around... ^_^

Practicing Tiger style for coming Tiger Year =_+

this...eRRr... uMMm...
Practicing...err... a wilder Tiger style ... >.<

Trying out a more SERIOUS photo ... =_=
and FAIL !!!

and WE DID it !!!!

Back to normal and someone just not cooperate !!!
nemind... had cover her up with smiley face.... hehe ~

Final shot of where we celebrated ^_^

End da ceremoney by showing some appreciation to
My TRIPOD ... My Christmas Present !! xD

yea.. my Christmas Present contribute alot on
da Christmas Night ... ^_^

ThanKSs to you biatCHesSs
I enjoy so much laugh out tear with you !!
Merry Christmas ~~~~~~

Here's da silly video we've done that night
Hope you guys like my Christmas Present.. ahak!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009 at Jurin, Gurney Plaza

I knew I'm abit late for this....
I'm trying hard to spend time on this...

Having dinner with my biatches at
Jurin, Gurney Plaza ~

Christmas 2009.... Start with my peace pose!

Ja-penis food with my biaTcHes ~

and is my idea again ...^_^||
Hilang to adjust da camera lor.....

Introducing.... the food =__=||

and the eater... ^_^||

this one looks more normal... ^^

Fried onion... and... aiyo... I keep forget T.T

SalmOOnnn !! But it's not mine....

eat in hurry... careful gets chock !!!

eel my favourite !!!

tauhu ?? errr... guess so

aww... this one looks delicious ~~~~

Sharing da diet plate ... =_=

Here comes my set .... ^_^

RM50++ per set... so expensivee... T.T

Well... looks like we have to diet as well....
Sharing our meal.... * yam gung... T.T

hey.. is my salmon..
Don't kesi-kesi come over with ur chopstick !!!

the hungry ghost show their real face.. =_=||

=__=|| no idea wat r they doing...
Some dancing exercise after dinner...
umm... for digesting purposes I guess... @.@

after makan, we went down for
Christmas Countdown ~~~ !!!

cabut cabut cabut ~~~
Gurney... we are coming !!