Sunday, April 18, 2010

Strawberry Chocolate

Someone just came back from Cameron Highland
for her half day trip....

SoOOo nice where I got some freeeee
Fruit and Vegetables as souvenir ~~

Jagung beberapa batang untuk
memukul pencuri ~~~~~ !!!

Some tomato to play as bomb !!!

Mini chinese potatoes... >.<|| ~~
( how we name this huh ?? )

StrawWwwberry !!!!! One of my favorite ~~ =}

Wahhh , suddenly Khi Form wanna eat
Strawberry Steamboat ~~~
Gonna play some masak-masak today!!

Rush to nearby supermarket to grab
mum's favorite Van Houston Chocolate ~~

woOohooo... melt in your mouth,
Not in your hand .... ^_^

Gonna prepare da chocolate soup.... @@

Overheat and hangusSSs pulak ... bodoh ~~ T.T
&^$^$^##4#&^$$&#^ !!!

Don't care la...
Gets naked my babies...
Gonna bath you nicely... weee ~

Babies enjoy my mini chocolate pool ~~

Some strawberry shape like my arse ~ >.<

Chocolate getting sticky... yucKKk ~
Add in warm water to continue da steamboat progress ~

My maid and see how proud she is with
her ugly chocolate !!! >.<||| ~~

eRrr... doesn't feels the "OomphMmm" yet lor ~~

So, we decided to freeze them up ~
hiaKKKk hiaKKk ~~!!! go go go ~~

An hour later..... ^_^
jeng jeng jeng ~

VERY NICE !!!! even it looks a lil uglyyy
Taste nice baby, cold cold sweet sweet ~
Crunchy outside, juicy inside....
You can't stop after a single bite !!!

There goes half of my Sunday.
Maid ar, please buy more more more more more more
Strawwwwberryyyy next time.
Really really not enough lor .... T.T ~

so regreetttt i just ask for a box .....
ngaAAaaa..... ball door !!!!

Very deliciouSSss....
You must try it !!



AnnaYJia said...

wah ~ your house de maid maid is so beautiful ~ quite fair eh ?

and hor ~ actually chocholate soup you need to make it into small pieces first ,then put it in a metal bowl.

Then take another big bowl fill with the hot water , and put the bowl with chocolate on it , stir loh ~ until it melt lor ~ If not then really will be hangus easily ~ haha...

Jing Jing said...

yalor, my maid nice hor.
but sot sot one wor >.<

OhHHh... no wonder la.
1st time eat.
Si sua lai and hanguss T.T