Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magnum 4D Free Screening in Penang?

wei wei wei wei weiiii ~~~
I heard there's a FREE screening in Penang soon !!!!

Where where where where ???

ummmm... well....
I heard that Magnum 4D is going to organize one.
A FREE Movie Screening in Penang !!!

You know those screening mostly happen in KL only.
Penang lang mostly korek money and ciak kaki... ~~

Very hard to find a chance to attend such event,
But now Magnum 4D is doing what they can!

SoOOo , guess we must grab this opportunity!!
Sapu your daddy mummy uncle and auntie,
Spread the news to your friends and enemy,
Lets go out jumping tombing our feets for the movie~

Neighbours teacher lecturer gentleman and lady,
Lets enjoy a day away from work and study,
Release your muscle and laugh with Magnum 4D ,
A Free screening to pamper yourself and your family!

How bout I go spam at their wall for this suggestion?
Me damn daring la wei ..... * salute salute *
ofcoz not , i really heard the news geh !!!

But we need around 200 peoples to kick the cinema hall wor,
Can we reach around that limit or not ??
Don't care la... I'm going to be the first to kick.
Be sure you join me or else I'll kick yewww ~~

What I'll do now is to post my suggestion along with this blog.
Go like go shout and comment how much you want it .
Ok bo ?? Cooperate abit la .... yohhhhh !!
Abo we ciak kaki liao la.... ~!~~ *(&#&$@#&$@#&$

Here we go.....
Let's start our mission now !!!!
>> Click if you want FREE movie <<


Update 11th February 2011

The free screening happen jor...

Fast register and redeem them !!
Go to : http://magnummovienite3.eventbrite.com/


Friday, January 7, 2011

Net Onboard Besociable iPhone 4 contest

Net Onboard, one of The Best Malaysia's Web Hosting Companies
with Reliable, Quality Windows Hosting & Linux Hosting,
Domain Registration & Web Design since 2001.

They are now organizing this
Net Onboard Besociable iPhone 4 contest !!

And you might walk away with thisssSSss ~~~~
Apple Iphone 4 worth RM2,290 !!!!

ohkay... how ???
Easy steps are as following ~~~~

Step One
You gonna move your mouse over
HERE : http://besociable.netonboard.com/

Step Two
Move your mouse over JOIN NOW button.
Just go sepak terus and shout Join ahh joinnn ahhh ~~!!!!

Step Three
Authorize on the application by clicking 'Allow'.

Step Four
Fill up your ;
1) Your Big Name - Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck or whatever ~
2) E-meow - abang@sexylegberbulu.com , auntie@lenglui.com or whatever ~
3) Gender - Boy or Girl or Gay or both.... @@
4) Agree with the Terms & Conditions - Sorry, you have no choice ~~
5) Press the button (’Next’) to proceed !!!!

Then... and then... due to server sometimes busy...
You will have to wait a lil longer.... ^^

EhhHh... what to do wor.
You think you're the only one want Iphone meh !!

When the wait is over. Taaa daaa ~
You'll see something like this !!!
Of coz you won't get the exact ONG numbers like mine ^^||
* I'm very very Sociaaableee one , don't play play ~~

Step Five
You will need to follow Net Onboard on their Facebook !
yessSSss.... follow them close close ~~~ !!!!

Step Six
You will need to follow their Twitter as well !!
eRrrR.... make sure you follow the right bird lor... >.<

Step Seven
Once above steps are done.
You will need to redeem your Round One Badge !

Step Eight
Upload your Badge to your Facebook and get minimum 10 likes !!

And now, my personal advise.......

You need a spell !!
Make a cute face and read this ~~

Iphone 4 Iphone 4 my little baby,
Up down left right mali siniiii ~
Sushi wasabi semua sila ke tepi,
Iphone 4 please please jatuh mari !!!

Satu hari tiga kali (One day three times)
important : without cute face, spell won't work !

and you're done !! ^^v

All the best to you and do like my badge har ^^ !!
>> Jing Jing's Net Onboard Round 1 Badge <<

Thank you ~ and * keep fingers and toes crossed *