Friday, December 17, 2010

Energizer Energize Me Contest

Energizer is organizing this
"Energize Me" Contest at Facebook.

The prizes are very tempting neh ~~

1st prize : 1X Apple iPad (1 winner)
2nd prize: 2X Canon Powershot cameras (2 winners)
3rd prize : 5X Energizer 1 hour fast charger. (5 winners)

This time it's not based on 50% Votes 50% Creativity.
You have to squeeze yourself into the Top 10 .
And judges will pick the best among the Top 10.

So, if I get out from the Top 10.
I'm not going to eat banana but bananasssSSs ~~~~~~ T.T

Again my style, don't prefer to edit....
Kidnap my cameraman and start to work!

Been crawling around like a dog... =_=||
wooofff woFFf.... grrr RRRrr ~

and damn itu cameraman....
made me bark and made me laugh~ !

from the floor up to the chair....

Being doing all kind of weird poses
....and yawning like a bear.
It required skill too ok.... >.<

oooiiiii , not funny lor weeiiii !!!

Start processing my mini jing jing...

going to cut out the energizer man too ~

ouuCHhh ouChhh... my hand , my hand ~~~~~

arlow arlow... what's the time now ??

Run ~ RunNNn ~ Runnnn for ya life ~!!!!
kik kok kik kok kik kok ~~~

yESshh YesHHh... woOOshhh woShhh ~
Macarena macarena , Macarena !!!

hiaKKkk... wong fei hong ~ !!!~~
and finally all my crazy daughters are born...

I submitted this one at first...
Then I realized it doesn't suit the theme
Look like tired dead like that :(
Failed ~~!! REDO REDO !!!!!! arGGhhh *$#&*^*$&*$$

So, I decided to re-submit a more funky funka gila gila one.
All kind of Kung Fool Panda Brada and Sista pun masuk ~!!

then... i feel without editing abit really tak ada power wor.
Missing some energy leh.... haiZzzzz....

My editing skill ma ma tei only lor.... T.T
And luckily touch here and there abit,
result not bad wor.... ^^||

Ta da ~~~ > click to VOTE for Jing Jing <

Ohkay.... I've done my job here.
Really hope yew guys will support me ~~~

Steps :
1) Join Energizer Malaysia FanPage
2) Then kick the LIKE button here

And if you feel you got more powderful idea.
Why not submit one ??
Ping me and I'll give you a like too ^^v

More details here at :
Energizer ENEGIZE ME Contest

all the best baby ~!!! ^^v


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nokia C3 Socialista Contest

Last month I joined this Nokia C3 Socialista Contest
Is kinda for all Facebook fanatics, Twitter-holics and Chat champs.
You have to show how sociable you are with the Nokia C3 Socialista Meter.

All points are accumulated like....
how many crazy friends you got in your Facebook .
how many silly followers you got in your Twitter .
how many fathers and mothers you got at home... >.< (you believe ar ??)

Most kapster one will get chosen to be the...
Nokia Socialista Princess ~~~

Yea... I won the 3rd week as the noisiest one ^^

Now is the most exciting period.
Princes have to fight among themselves in order to be King
and Princesses have to do the same to be a Queen.

The voting period is live now.
You gotta TAKE YOUR PICK ~

And vote for RACHEL BEH the BEAR... ^^v
also ANDY TELASAI the SAI.... >.<|||

Must make sure you clicked and turn us RED like ang pow !!!

You need to put in your details and give a
hard kick to the VOTE button !!!
>> VOTE Nokia C3 Socialista<<

Important : Check email from Nokia and verify vote.

or else it's not counted and all effort goes to the drain T.T

Eat rice or porridge depends on you guys liao....
I'm too old to be princess liao... let me be QUEEN la >.<|||

Ohkay... I need to go back trawling for votes liao.
Hopefully good news la ya.... ^^

* keep finger crossed *


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chui Ling's Cutiemoon DIY Contest Winner

2 months ago I messed up my mum's kitchen...
because I'm sooOOo sooo enthusiasted in winning
a date with Chui Ling ....... ^^v

Previous post at CL Cutie Mooncake Contest

and my Burger Mooncake got chosen !!

Happy sei ngooOOo ~~
but too bad it clashed with my performance in Penang... T.T
I couldn't make it..... but glad my friend was willing to
represent me ..... yeSs yesSss !!

Visiting Chui Ling's FanPage....
Saw all winners have a wonderful time ~ ~~ awww ~~

and I was so surprised when I saw this ~~~

One of the winner even captured this for me ^^
Thanks Louis Ng ~~~
awww... my heart just melt..... and and... I wish I can send over my head T.T

nevermind... coz you know what ??
I got my cutie mooncake send all over from KL !!

awww... Thanks Chui Ling & her assistant sekalian ~~

I received a bottle of wine... =)

yes... luv it !! ^^

then I got this Chui Ling's signature card ^^

and and I got her Tastefully Chic book with me...
It's an introduction of 200 delights in KL ~ O.O

with the most meaningful page ^^ ~

my baby also insist to take pic with em >.<

I got this aW Eco bag too !! =D
aW.... Angel Wong... nice nice ^^ ~

This is a meaningful incident I would not forget.
Like my sweetest dream ever ~

Hopefully I could meet her somehow in the future,
tomorrow... next week... next month... >.<||

Alright... wake up.
I'm looking forward..... =)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spritzer - Tinge in you Best Shot Contest Winners

Putting my hat on and wondered will this work...

I quietly kidnap my nephew's horse.....
there in the room I go kik kok kik kok kik kok ~
and madly shout yeebaa yeebaaa hiakK hiakKk !!!

Out of all weird-weird riding photos...
I decided to submit this NOT SO GILA one >.<

I even went to the park and chased away kids @@
There I slide down like an Ehh Lee Fern...

I almost become a satay burning under the sun T.T

Looks like I do enjoy the feeling....
of getting my arse burned off T.T

Crawling around like a cockroach ...
I think this is the best shot !

I still didn't feel enough....
Ran to the jogging track to try something else =_=

ah doiii....
Seriously it wasn't easy.....
I K.O a few times before the ambulance arrived...
Choyyyy !!!!

My photographer felt this expression is da best.
Like Superman wanna be !!
umm... even I feel is more like KAP SII.. >.<

and.... I finally K.O.... T.T ~~~~

So painful.... so hot... so thirsty =( ....

Butttttt.... I won the weekly prize !!
My silly cowgirl yeeba yeebaaa hiak hiakk got chosen~!
It's based on judges choice ~ ^^v
Thanks Spritzer Tinge !!!

yes yes yes !!!
Thirsty no more, 2 boxes of Tinge @@

I got TGIF Voucher with a bear bear ~
Got Shila and John's CD album ^^

Not just that....
Cowgirl yeebaa yeebaa hiak hiak won the...
Grand Prize ~~ !!

Can't believe it... it's 16gb Ipad with 3G !!!

Sleep also hugging it ... ^^||

I got no cameraman...
So, I keep syok sendiri ... >.<

My lil baby like it too.... ^^v

So happy knowing my efforts pay off ~ ^^
Been resting for weeks... hopefully I'm fully charged.

And Congrats to all winners of
Spritzer - Tinge in you Best Shot Contest !!

There's more to come.
You might don't want to miss the fun at
Spritzer Tinge FanPage