Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 - QE II Penang

Land over near da sea with my biatches.
Won free passes from Junk Online !

We're late and super hungry ~
Mc Donald-ing in da car !

Hennessy Artistry fall on Penang and KL ~

Have some celebrity feel for da moment 1st
before drown ourselves at da party ^^v

Yup... my Fun-tastic five bitches ^^

QE2 Penang is an open air house.
Save my hair from smoky smell ~

Bring along my maid to work and it's
her birthday ~~ ^^|||

We're blocking everyone as we're
trying out da best shot >.<||

Still learning... don't complaint la~~~~

Time to rest and get myself a drink

Come one Ji-Mui Sekalian ~
CheeRRssss.... ^^|||

Too phat rap out da partay ~

Marching left and right on da stage ^^

Leg so tired. Get a place to sit.
EhHhh, don't Ban Yao Yeng plsss ~~~

eHhhh, no tarik-tarik baju !
Behave yourself plss ~~~~

No ham-ham sap-sap too plssSSs ~~

Put some Chili Hennessy for her to teach her a lesson!!

It's getting crowded...
so, let's get out and get some fresh air ~

hiao abit since not much ppls here >.<

and some people are just hiao-er than me!

Strictly by invitation only ^^

This board looks YENG man.
Gonna hiao together then ^^v

Time to refill our drink ~
We want MOaRRrrRRR !!!!
ngauMmm ngaumm NgaUmm ~~

Running around to torture da camera again ^^

ooiii , Fatt Hao ar ??

oooiii , Chao Sui ar ???

Caught myself in a candid camera.
OwHh hi , I'm Jing Jing.
Short but cute,
Hairy but sexy,
Crazy but funny,
Thick Face but lovely... T.T ~

Before I'm getting more high.
Catch Sarah Lian first ^^v ~
She's da host for this Hennessy Artistry !

We plan to hiao more before leaving but meet
some other hiao peoples..... >.<

So, join da fun and hiao together then ...^^v

Look like we got some problem getting our car @@~

Posh around while waiting then.
This is what girl do when free lor...
They don't smoke and they can't sit still wor ^^

Ok, gua beh-tahan liao...
Cabut baby ~~ !!!!

It's a great night and
Happy Birthday to you !!!

More photos to kaypo at
Hennessy Artistry Album I

Hennessy Artistry Album II


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GSC EON Bank Share & Win IP MAN 2 Contest Winner

Remember da contest I mentioned earlier from
The Ultimate Movie Car FanPage
by GSC EON Credit Card ?
Previous Post Here

They've been giving out IP MAN 2
Movie tickets for 40 days !!

awww... you didn't join ??
You should bang your head to da wall then....!!!!

Here's da daily winners who are going to enjoy
IP MAN 2 at GSC ~~ !!!! weeee ~
Share & Win Daily Winners <---here

Each day da winners crossed their toe and finger refreshing
this page.... ahaKK, I'm one of them >.< ~

amitabha amitabha... amen amen ~
wuushh wuSShhh yeha yeha aribaaa~~~
all kind of prayers mumbling all out to catch da luck ~~~

after da drum drooling bom bom bom...
and da trumpet tooting tom tom tom....
and da piano.... do re mi fa so.....
and me..... lulu lalala ... lulu lalala ...

OK ENOUGH !!!! ~~~~

and da Grand Prize winner goes to .....
IP WOMAN !!!! >.< lor ~ .... ^^v
Share & Win GP Winner <-- here

and guess what...
The winner were announce on Monday
and I get da prize on Tuesday !!!

how scary fast and I'm shocked ~ O.O||

2nd scary thing is... it come with a
Samsung Bluetooth !
fuahHHh... they are so GENEROUS ~~!!!!
ten kiuewww.... ten kiuewww ~~ xD

Over excited and fainted in da office.
I took 30 minutes MC to kaypo over
this Samsung B2100 bullet proof mobile !!
oPSS... I mean water proof... ^^||

Bring my lil darling home....
and say .... fuahHHhh baby ~

now say.... muaCKKkkk ~~~

OK ... a serious shot to send over to
da Generous Sponsor ^_^v
and gRRrR.... itu pasal lah takde cameraman T.T

nemind... i try again ....
eEEeee.... ChakKKk ~~~ ^^
sexy baby.... ( i mean da phone lah! )

2nd shot... yo yo yo...
It is handy small ~ ^^v

and now with da Bluetooth...
1 . 2 . 3.... meow ~~~~~

Mission accomplished !!!!

and what ??
and of course join GSC EON FanPage!
gets alert for their news and update,
coz promotion and rewards doesn't wait,
Once you missed it... don't cry on bed !

Join now....
The Ultimate Movie Card FanPage

Thanks EON!
Thanks GSC!
Thanks Samsung! ^^


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Starbuck Prangin Mall

Visited Starbuck again ^_^||
Guess the staff also sien with me edi.
Always go get free drink nia... T.T

Their cake always make my tummy...
gili guru ...gili guru ~~

Feel to go near there Fat Hao abit...
Oiii... I'm not ready yet ler ~~~

aiyo... too pale... scary wor =__=||
Snap me nice abit ler... pweaseee ~~~~~

Next time only eat you ya baby...
sekarang takde duit... T.T
you sangat expensive lor baby..... me pok kai lor =(

Come come.... asking my maid to Fat Hao too.
I can see she's a FANs of Starbuck !!!
Look at her shirt.... >.<

How wonderful if Starbuck could let us have some
DISCOUNT if we wore this shirt ^^||| but NOT... T.T

There's my Java Chip with top up cream ^_^
and I start switch my fav to Caramel....

Been holding this for minutes to wait until
nobody block my view...
Fingers freeze to death edi !

and finally !!
No more hantu-hantu and manusia at last !
Chik CHakKkk ~~

Drop in Bread History to buy cheaper bread.
Bo Lui la.... mai ah neh la ~~

aRGhh... why is this bodoh photo store in my album ??
Must be that itchy babi kacau my photo !!!!
Babiiiiii ~~~ *#&$#$&*$#&$)$

As usual. Me and that itchy babi feel we're cute today.
So... gonna torture a your eye a lil bit more... ^^

Been drink eat drink eat drink eat lately.
Yes, I'm regret T.T
Yes, I'm getting fat T.T
Yes, I'm planning liao.
Yes, ok ok
Yes... Okie ~~ !!!
Yes.... T.T ~~~

Waist 25 26 27 28 and increasing...
OMG ~~ !!!!!