Monday, February 23, 2009

Toblerone Contest

The contest that gives me heart attack but is okie... =}

Let's see what I have done for this contest ....

I'm strugling to buy or anot....coz I don't really likes
contest that require purchase.... ={ ~

I dont know, its like gambling to me... and it will make you feel pain and regret
if you doesn't win. But this time, I broke the rules coz I got the idea for the submission.

So, I risk my RM14.50 (hope could get my mum a lil surprise) and I bought this....


and my intention is to get this.... THE CODE !!

And here is the design I crack out =} ....
Simple isn't it ?? .....
HEY !! I took an hour to match up that simple "I LOVE YOU" ~ =.="

and yes... this is my caption. I'm not good in English but I love
poetry. And I'm just lucky to have some buddy who always help out my English ~
Thank you =} ~ ....

but sadly, my submission gets set up. Someone trying to sabotaj me
by sending alot of votes at one times. When my design reach 10,000 votes.
I was totally dishearten and wish the loser will have his return!

Getting comfort from my contest buddies and I get real
surprise to know I've won!! I was jumping and shout proudly ....

aww...forget it ~

Alright.... this was a shock...
It came one box at 1st... then 30 minutes later...
It comes another one seperately .... O.O " ~

I waited after office hours, rushing home to open it xD ~

wow~ unbelievable huh ?? The winner must soon
got diabetes.... O.O " ~ ehhh , touch wood - touch wood !!!

Have a closer look... they arrange it just nice... =} ~

aha... ofcoz the creative me won't run away to make
my prizes arrange creatively ... xD !!!

NICE OR NOT !!!! x} .... (*sombong mode, someone pls slap me...)

now... another creativity.... x} ~

look a lil closer....=} ~

xD... yes yes... a romantic bed ..... wooo ~


Ok, now prize introduction =D ~

1) Samsung Digital Photo Frame
I was soooo curious to know how it works !!
Will explore and update in details later.... xD !!
aww.... i will read instruction book 1st (try....)

it wrote there touch screen !! curious curious ~

2) Fossil Watch
though to win for papa, but this one seems for youngster... ={


3) Cappuccino Cups
this one i feel abit bad... coz i saw stain on it.
I wonder isnt this a stainless steel... hmmm....

4) Diary
I love this as well. I love to noted down things I do.
errr....yea, I'm kinda forgetful.... =}

I love the label, namecard holders and variety pockets.
Can feel the convenient....=} ~

aHhh... yes, I showing off again xD ~
Trying to do a mountain chocolate .... mum LOVEEE chocolate very very much!!
This is one of the reason why I join =D ~

hmmm.... when I full my underbed space.
Here will be a storeroom soon... =.="

I've drew out my personal cupboard and ask carpenter
to do my dream cupboard. Cross fingers it wont cost so much.
I'm so happy... everyone have dream...
and I fullfiled mine slowly...... =}

Now, gonna look forward for better prize.
To those who visited me, I wish you'll get a lil ONG from my blog
and keep winning as well ... OK ?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine 2009

weEeeHeee... my parcel finally arrived !!

Something that I bought to pamper myself xD ~ !!

Sold off my prizes and bought this for myself =} ....
Panasonic Hair Dryer
I wanted to buy it long long long long time ago... xD !!!

It's Valentine Promotion RM129
Free Ionizer Comb and a towel... =]


awww.... yes... this is my dream hair dryer...
you can see the gun hole, i mean the ionizer ~
and foldable... yesss !!!

this is the ionizer comb...
see.... another hole over here. I wonder what is Ionizer.
There's nothing coming out. No wind no smell ~ =.=" ....
but this comb is cute, it lights up when U unfold it =D ~

Yes... can took it off , washable ~
Just ONE battery... see, the light still on =} ~
everything so canggih now aday...
Mascara also battery... comb also battery...
Hope there's no hidden button to shave my hair off =.=" ~

Ohh... yep... my Valentine Present... ="} ....
Something that I need from someone who makes me sick...
very thick =.=" ... almost hypnotiz me to sleep....
ehh... i never know dictionary comes with CD...

Hopefully I can brush up and improve a lil of my broken manglish x} ~

Ohhh... looks like I need to do something ~
Hopefully my room soon turns store room =]...
Packed with prizes xD !!!

Prize End of February 2009

Aha ~ I thought it got lost somewhere in the map again.
Finally her twin sister arrive =}

Samsungplay Contest
1) DVD player F1080
yep...she won't feel bored being alone anymore...

check check check !! Everything completed...
Welcome interested buyer =D !!!

and the next day.... Their mother arrive =D ~

2) Samsung DVD BD-P1500
....from the same family... silky shining black ~

yesss... USB port again !! I just loveeee it ~

gonna google and see how much it worth anddd.... SELL !!!
Welcome interested buyer!!

Dreamgirl E-Blast contest
1) Marie France Voucher
awww... im aiming to get the cosmectic ={ .... ~

well.... i think my sister need it more than i do ~
so this one goes to the chubby sis... xD ~

GSC Fun-Tee Contest
1) Bolt T-Shirt
i ask for S but only left M.... haiz ~

Goda Contest
1) Clear Shampoo
been waiting for so long already... but it came 3 bottles instead 5... ={


* SECRET Contest
due to some loser keep set me up....
I force to keep quiet in which contest I'm taking part... =}
1) Nokia 5220 XpressMusic ~ I have to tell you, this HP's music is so LOUD!

somemore got disco blinking light....
Best part is sooo thin and light =} ~

simple and nice, this one goes to my mum =} ~

Mysimplified Classified Contest
1) PenDrive 16gb

very usefullll , always wanted to buy one xD....
so happy with this small winning !! ~

hardly express.... is soOoo happy to win someting i want... xD~

coz... now I can enjoy my movie with my mum in the dining room !!!
so easy... sekali cucuk at her arse*hole (i mean my lcd la...)
then can watch already xD ~

eoe Christmas 2008 Contest
1) RM200 Voucher
so again I buy something I wan xD....
you see, they always arrange it nicely , EVERYTIME !!!
very fast, very effiecient, very friendly.... xD

yup... hehe, this is 2nd piggy frame I've bought from them =}
... then 4gb MicroSD card for my camera =} ....


Hmmm... looks like thats all I got for February =} ~
Kinda tired for the moment to battle .....
Will be going down to Kuala Lumpur in the Mid of March...
Yup... another journey to go grab my prizes =]

Hopefully I can squeeze in more prizes before I'm going KL =D ~
Wondering what I've won ?? OMG !!! I also can't wait to collect it x{ ~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grandma were gone for one year

Its my Grandma's death 1st Anniversary....
Going back to our kampung.... Perak ~

This is the house my dad and his siblings burn for her....
a year ago...

invite all gredgrandpa & grandma to live in together....
It was so fast... and now a year....
She rest peacefully at home now....

some dishes for this reunion...

A look at the wall.... O.O" ~

this is my grandpa...
No, its NOT thaipusam.... =.="

his job is err... communicate with the god ...errr....
being the middleman and save villagers from illness.....

so I don't really likes to talk about religion...
You can see my grandpa really pierce stick throught his mouth...
Is up to you to believe ~

* to be update

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prize for February 2009

Wait for 6 days already.... Kinda sad, no prize for February 2009 yet??

Aha, once I get back home. I got my first prize for February =} ...

Ajinomoto Intro Friend Contest
1) A set of Container
it look so cute! complete and convenient to bring everywhere... Norton Contest
1) Norton Internet Security 2009
sooo...happy ~ Always need a Norton antivirus to give my computer a bath!
is time to send their whole family (virus) to graveyard!! grrRRrr....


Cathaycineplex Movie Contest
1) Cicakman Merchandize
=.="... participated for fun.... err... I must keep the ONG coming by
wining this and that. Yea...I'm very Superstitious ~ =]
maybe thats the KEY to win. BEING SUPERSTITIOUS !! ~

Hmmphmm.... colouring book~
aha, can let my nephew & niece to conteng - conteng =} ~
awww... just notice the Ciciakkkman Soundtrack cost RM29.90 !!
wow... must have those hypnotiz frequency and give you ability
to glue yourself at the wall.... ~

Infoyana Valentine Contest
1) Bouquet of Roses
One for mama and one for sister =} ...
My mum was shock... flower for me ???

they wrap it just nice, out of expectation =} ~
Roses still got stardust to make it blink-blink =D ~

TV9 Contest
1) Cartoon Drama ?
eRrr... not so sure what is this xD ~ Any fans out there know
what cartoon is this ???? cost RM39.90... aha, plan to sell it off xD ~
welcome interested buyer....=}
2) Bleach DVD
eRrrr... no idea again... hahahhhhaaa ~

this one also cost RM16.90.... =.=" ~

aHHh !!! this one i know xD ~
wow....wooo... this one cost RM99.90 !!!
but I'm going to sell off as well... $.$ ~

4) The Day The Earth Stood Still watch
ehh... just simple and nice... but...
I think I'm too old for this... So, goes to my nephew ~

5) The Day The Earth Stood Still Baby T
i love this shirt , the wording just nice and comfortable=}

6) TV9 Shirt
Thick, consider a good quality shirt among those shirt I won =}

7) Cap, notebook and car sticker
hmm.... i think my wardrobe now full with caps and notebooks already~

Alrite !! End report ~ As long as there's winning, I'm satisfied =} ~
Let's see what is on their way to me for the next 14 days....