Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summit Photo Contest

Summit Shoes is organizing this Summit Photo Contest
in conjunction of their 30th Anniversary.
Samsung Galaxy, iPad !!! don't play play !!

There's 3 categories...

1) Most Voted
If you have lotsa friends in your facebook or your Ah Gong Ah Ma,
Uncle Auntie. Your maid , Siti Mary Mariam Issabelalala ~
Then, no doubt . Join most vote !!
Chase for the Samsung Galaxy Note with RM300 Summit Voucher~!!

2) Most Creative
This one is easy , just 4 steps to win.
i) Go grab a lady gaga shoe
ii) Put anything related to 30th & Summit .
iii) Go rojak it , campur kacau kaw-kaw , mix and match !!!
iv) Most important , pray ah pray ah , pray every night ah ~~~~

3) Lucky Voters Prize x 2
Easy , vote for me and win !!!
>>Click here to vote<<

I've been hibernating for quite some months .
Let's do some exercise =) ~

Again playing with my Mini Jing

You see me doing it like very fun hor...

Like playing Barbie Doll hor..

Playing doll can be tension one you know ?...

You have to worry whether your doll is strong enough ?
They might unable to carry thing that you think is light !
They might faint off from your smelly shoe @@ !!!

They have no idea how to tile your shoe lace !!

They will kacau your stuff when you are away !!

You have to make a deal with them to let them stay.
Jing Jing : Doll ah Doll, if i managed to win the iPad2...
I treat you ice cream, ok mou ??
Doll : OK OK !!

See, so easy ~~~

There, my job competed.
Please give me some vote to agree I'm creative ^^||

After staring at my masterpiece....
I'm feeling excited to syok sendiri.....

meow meow ~ kawaiii nehh ^^||

oh wait ~ !!!
Before I continue to syok sendiri ,
can you please vote for me first ? ^^v
>> Vote for Rachel Beh <<

Sank yew, sank yew !!!!
Your vote did give me some motivation.
There's over hundreds of submission T.T ~
* Keep Finger Crossed *