Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magnum 4D Jackpot Video Contest

Magnum is organizing a Video Contest !!
Where U have to go wild wild cam-whore yourself
showing how freaking happy you are if...
U won Jackpot!!!

The prize is so tempting !!!
#&$^#&^$*&@$ ~~ uHHh la la ~~

wow.... I need some gut to do that... T.T ~
Gonna really imagine how HAPPY I am....

Grab some tools for my video 1st....
My long lost Mickey slipper ~~ >.<

Mum's room, Mum's room to steal
some Lao-E curve clips ~~

Go kidnap an apple from mum's kitchen ~
kakKAKAkakaakak !!!!
[apple jpg]

Stole my sister's facial cream !!!!
and I don't know how to use... T.T ~
damn ittttt ..... ^&$#$$$444

ngaAAa.... Loon-Loon Chun-Chun ~
All cream stuck inside my nails edi .... >.<

I go noisy over my beloved sister.
Pleasee la, sorry la.... Tolong laa ~~
Why those cream don't stick on my face one!!!

After all the kelam-kabut preparation,
20 over times yelling expression,
20 over times jumping demonstration,
Finally I done my video session ~~!!!

Video length are limited to 20 sec.
and Here's my OMG de Magnum video ~
OMG, I won Magnum 4D Jackpot!!

It took me some time to have such gut
to scream like that.... =__=|||
Fat San Keng ~~~

I'm quite NO FACE actually >.< ~
Mou Min Kin Yan laaaaa ~~~~

Took me a while to clean up.....
Eat tiok the cream and its NOT DELICIOUS!!!

Most scary moment....
hurraYYyyy , I got new hair sytle !!!
ahhAHahahhahah ~ Sat sei yan laRRrr ~~~

Sexy takde bandingan... >.<||| ohh goOSshh, I wish I won't have a nitemare!

Do you have a better idea to beat me?
Can you shout better ? Jump higher ?

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Contest End 30th April 2010.

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