Thursday, March 31, 2011

Share the 3x Collagen CollagenMAX Campaign

You wouldn't believe this....

I came across this FanPage named Fabulous Lynn.
Which was managed by Lynn Lim, an actress and TV Host!

She's been promoting this....
CollagenMax Product, a beauty drink for ladies.
ummm... guess is for man too,
who doesn't love being beautiful, rite?

sOoo... let me rephrase it....
CollagenMax Product, a beauty drink for everyone!

This drink contains 9,000 mg collagen hydralysate from deep sea cod.
Nope... is not sea horse.

Is sea cod. A fish... ikan, ikan !!! ==||.....

Alright nevermind. Leave that fish alone.
Let's continued about this beauty thingy.

Most of us heard of Collagen but apa tu ??
Nope, not Vitagen... but yes, both are healthy drink ^^

Collagen plays a big role for our skin.
You know... turning our skin beautiful.

Smooth and shining.... fresh and elastic,
Make us charm like we're in comic,
Reduced our wrinkles... reborn like a baby,
No need busy photoshop and cheats everybody!!

This is a 2nd generation product of collagen.
No more in form of tablet but liquid.
So, it's easily absorbed n contains much more collagen!!

However, good things are meant to shared.
Miss Lynn Lim is going to reward you for sharing this product.

Nope, no kiss kiss , no hug hug.
Kindly don't be so hamsap ~~

awww... don't be so disappointed.
Miss Lynn Lim is going to give away an iPad2 !!

How... oh how ???
Calm down, calm down and do as follow ~~

Step 1
Download this photo and upload at your Facebook wall.

Step 2
Spread the news and get your friends to like your photo

Step 3
You're done!!

Contest Ends 30th April 2011
The contestant with most “Likes” of his/her “Share”
will be entitled for a iPad 2(16G) FREE!

The winners list will be posted at
Fabulouslynn and Fabulahealth on 6th May 2011.

So, what are you waiting for ??
Go complete the steps and drop me your link.
I will cast you a vote ^^v

Gambate !!!!

For more information.
Go to Fabulous Lynn Facebook FanPage !!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Magnum Movie Nite3 - RANGO, Gurney Plaza, Penang

Finally the day arrived ~~~~~~
Magnum Movie Nite3 in Penang !!!!!

Dressed up in the 'WILD WEST' theme,
and you'll get an angpao of Magnum cash vouchers!

Rush to my cupboard and dig out my cowboy hat ~

Get reaaaadyy to be a western ~

I even prepared one for my bff ^^

Syok sendiri first....

with my hat on....
and reaaaaady to get torture ~~

act cool abit ~~

act cute abittt .... ==||

act Lovelyyy abitttttt ... ^^||

act like puppy...

act like donkey... @@

Okie, I'm too much.

So, here I am. GSC Gurney Plaza ~~~
and I see... Magnum Magnum Magnum !!!

I bring my bbf , sis and her kids ........
auntie auntie auntie....
what movie r we watching ?
here is GSC woooohOOoo ~~
i want to peee i want to pee........
zZZzzZzz ~~~~~

Collected my goodies bags and tickets ^^v

unexpected... we got free drinks and popcorn too!!

Each person one set ... OMG !!!

Luckily got friends coming and we divided them
* Thanks Ah Hee

The twins are so excited....
We've been waiting for today ~~~~
* Cutie Teng Teng and Ling Ling

Going over to kacau the board first ~

Jing Jing is here !!

soo.... he is Johnny Depp? hmm....

hmm.... ok lor, can't kiss real person.
Have to kiss his representative lor.... >.<

I got the blogger's seat and it's just nice!
RANGO is damn funny la weiii ,
I laughed like mad inside.

It's just a simple story line but full of humorous action.
Included some education inside like...
The importance of water, trust, passion and... love ;)

and then....I gasak home 4 goodies bag ;)

Sunshade, Pen, notepad, cellphone hanger and...
Ladies Luck tissue? oOOohhh... I must use it everydayyyy see, I'm a PEN FREAK !!
I love collecting PENsss ~~~~~~~~~~

awww..... I love this very much =))))))))))))))))

Me and my bff got ang pow for being a cowboy !! =D
kekKEKekekekeee.... so happy~~~~

And.... the Sunshade, one for my bff , two for my sis...
and me...... no car then how ar ?
Use to cover my head ma ? T.T ~~~

and it's too small for me to hide inside... >.<

Finally I built a camp for my baby ^^

My Rango fever not yet over...
So I start my torturing again ~~~

No cameraman.... but nemind .... act cool first !

next..... act cooler .... ==|||

next next ....act cute....

next next next ~~.... act yeng

nextttt .... act kuka yeng !

act.... act.... errr.... act yeng until kenot yeng ==||

okkkk enough.... not too much~ !

Anyhow... we have a great night ;)
Magnum, you are soOOoo KIND !!!! ^^

Can't wait for the next surprise from Magnum.
Everyone just can't forget this VIP treat !!!

Thank you Magnum 4D !!

pssstt.... by the way.
Someone dropped this lovely Necklace in the car park.
Owner out there, if yeww can see this.
Do collect back from me ~~~~~~~~~ ;)


Friday, March 4, 2011

Net Onboard Be Sociable Contest - Badge 1 Winner

hahaha ~ * jumping in joy *

When Net Onboard announced the winner...

I was....
wow wow... yeahHhh yee baa yee baaa !!!!

opssSSs... sorry, I'm over excited ~
You might be wondering how to win it..

Naaaa...Here's my previous blog
Net Onboard Besociable Contest

I was invited for an interview session again.
and too bad... I'm from Penang ~~~

haizz.... abit heartache but is okay.
Technology is so advanced now....
I just need to record on my own n send over ;)

Just a simple video.
All I need to do is....introduce myself.
Express on how I feel and share winning tips !!

hiyoOOhhh.... sap sap sui la ~
Let me rock over it !!!

errrrr.... lame right ? LOL...
I seriously don't know what to talk about T.T ~~

However, I've recorded a proper version.
....but it's in the midst of processing... ^^
Will torture you guys again when it's done!

I received Net Onboard's iphone4 in just a few days~~
awwww...... everything has been activated ^^
Thank you Thank you !!!

fuiyoHHhh... this iPhone4 de lomo lomo feature.
Make me syok sendiri even more.... ^^||

act like young lady....

act cute like bunny

act sexy.... ==||| ~~

okie... enough with my torturing .

If you feel to torture me back.
Then get charged for ~~~~

Net Onboard Besociable Contest for Badge 2 !!

I heard they will launch their next contest
in the middle of March 2011....

For more information.
Go to :
Net Onboard Besociable Contest


Net Onboard FanPage

Gambate ~~~ ^^v