Friday, April 2, 2010

Mois, Penang - Pao Pao Birthday

woOohOo ~
Someone is getting old .... nga nga nga ~
OwHHh and we're heading to Mois !
I wonder who's gonna drunk tonight ?

There our princess ... da birthday girl !!
arlow arlow.
Keong Hee ~ Keong Hee ~
Meh ni seh baby ~~~

What's in for this time ?
OOoo.... Hennessy ,
Let's see who will gone crazy ~

I'm all ready to catch the drunken bitch!

Someone start already...
Careful hor , don't sia soay hor ~

Better snap their pretty face 1st before
they are turning red and yong sui ~ >.< ||

Apa macam ???? Rules No. 1 ....
DO NOT mem-bully in da club !!

=_=... umm *gulp *.... alright ~
U can bully anyone you like .....~~~~

Apa macam ??? Rules No. 2 .....
DO NOT gaduh gaduh in da club !!

Rules No. 3...
DO NOT hard sell in da club !!!

Let's start da singing before ...
they naik merah , naik gila , naik bendera =__=

Looks so blackie ....
Hitam itu bergaya,
Hitam itu bermewah,
Hitam lambang Istimewa !!!!!

Our Main Actress !!!!
Miss Pao-Pao ~

Happy Birthday to yew ,
Makan ubi ka-yew ~~
Tidur dalam kelambu,
Hisap dedek lembuuu ~~ >.<||

Birthday girl is a lovely bitch !!
wooFFff ~

And da bitches start to go Shaka Bom Bom
after sang our limited edition Birthday Song ~~

owHHh... this is so wrong .....

ngaa.... this is so-so wrong ~~

yeee.... this is SoSo SOoSOooooo wrong !!!

oHhh, this is SHIT !!!! >.<

nevermind, I carry on to peep around...
ka ChakKk ~ ... this is the most normal one ^^

ka ChaKKk ~ This is most pretty one ^_^||

We're leaving early...
umm... 1.30am + ...
Too old to be too late... ZZzzzz Zzz ~~

Final Fat-Hao pose before cabut ~

when's the next round ??
I guess , maybe on May ^_^v
Do check on my blog ~

Ten kiu for reading ~ lulu lalala ~

MORE photos at
Mois Pau Bday ALbum


bingjian said...

wah..thats ur friends has sexy leg loh...

Jing Jing said...

stop starring at her leg~~~