Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prizes for May 2010

GSC EON Bank Credit Card Ipman Slogan Contest
1) Ip Man 2 screening tixs x 2 for daily slogan
I blogged it --> HERE

2) Samsung Handphone B2100 for Grand Prize
I blogged it --> HERE

Ruumz Prince of Persia Slogan Contest

1) Notebook ( very nice cover with 3D ~ )
2) Shirt ( Love shirts !! )
3) Compass ( umMM... for road blind ? )

4) Prince of Persia tix ( argghh, finally I can go cinema!! )
5) Sandal ( fit my dad ^^ )

Another shot ^^v ~

Lastly... the one I love the most ~
6) Prince of Persia watch !!!!
I always want a BIG BIG watch, big until can cover my head >.<

ruumz music rack
1) The first album from 2PM
I wasn't their fan but after seeing this... wow ~

Play one of their MTV... nice move !

Very Artistic Album...

2) Brian Manifold
Duno him, have to start kaji already... >.<||

CyberSafe Video Contest
Full Winner List
1) Canon IXUS 95 IS Digital Camera
My funny video submission --> HERE

Milo Fuze Jam Packed Photo Contest
1) Canon PowerShot A490 Digital Camera

Always need one with battery for emergency ^^

2) Milo Hamper

Thanks god, I really need this ^^

That's all and hope more and more to come
for yewww and me ^^v

ONG ahh ONG ahHHh ~~



carrotmilk said...

Why without CarrotMilk?

Jing Jing said...

Carrotmilk de arrived on June wor =_=||...

This is for May. I too buzy to update >.< ~