Thursday, June 17, 2010

NAPEI-STUDY MALAYSIA Photo Challenge 2010 is a
Malaysia's Premier Education Resource Guide Online.

This website provides info on:
- colleges/universities
- courses/programmes offered
- scholarship information
- International students articles.

They were organizing a photo challenge on May 2010.
at FanPage !!

Upload your best picture and get your friends
to support you !!!

It's cracking my mind what does a BEST picture mean?
Study + Malaysia....

hmmphmm... must something related to student
and Malaysia ?? ^^|||

So, I'll go with this !!!
Malaysia ?? YESS
Student ?? YESS
Multiracial Peaceful Harmony Colourful
All gender All sizes All ages All faces All religion
All... all... all' rite I'm too much =__=

It's been a hard time for me as the rest of da opponents
doesn't stop on time!!! arGghHhh $*@#&*&*^%&^

I'm ready to turn into panda bear da next morning.
Showing my horse power until 1am+ and I surrender T.T ~

12.57am !!!
I rewarded myself a mixed Human Owl Trophy !!

But nevermind... I MAKE IT ~!!!
ahHAHAhaHHAHAHAHhh... * ops >.<

Click for --> Winner List

New generation Ipod Nano with wide screen.
wow... thankSSs Study-Malaysia !!!!

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