Friday, June 18, 2010

Outpost Uniform Guess and Win Mini Contest

I'm a Kaypo-Ci who love to explore and
kaypo around whats happening ....

Didn't expect my Kaypo-ness won me some
kewl , comel , kawaiii .... hou dak yeee eh gift !!!!!!!! ^^v

It's from Outpost Mini Contest
Envelope also cute !!!! *$@#&$@&$*(#&
( am a girl and girl loves cute thingy ^^)

Cute enough n I took an hour leave to
play jumping with them in da office ~ >.<

Ok, I surrender....
If only I can jump on my table to beat them.
So, Outpost mini creature won.... =__=||
( GIRL ma, GIRL sure Mou Liew one =_+ )

I even turn them into a Colourful Ninja ~~
hiakK hiaKKk hiakKk !!!!~ protecting my monitor ^^
( Told ya girl is Mou Liew one... I'm a GIRL ma !!! )

Even can wear as ear-rings ~~~
OK OKKKkkkkk ... >.<||
* TOLD YA, I'm a GIRL Maaaa ~
GIRL is like that one ~~~ !!!!! T.T

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Live announcement and update at
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sy said...

I know you are a girlllllll :P

Jing Jing said...


and u know i'm mou liew too ~~ t.T