Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fort Cornwallis Curry Mee Pancake Day

I need to relax... I wanna hang out !!!

Ring up my buddy and shout ~

We decided to go straight down town
and see what we can eattttt ~

OHhhh... alot of memories came up along
da journey. I used to stay in one of these houses.
Miss the old day. I love to play with the window ^^v

She decided to fetch me heading to Esplanade.
for Mi Goreng and I miss my childhood coconut shake !!

waHHhh... I forget how long I haven't been here >.<
huh... U don't know where is this place ??

It is Fort Cornwallis written in our history book.

ngaaa... long time didn't ride on this.
I ride on this to attend kindergarten.
I wonder how much they charge now... +_+
BECA BECA.... ah pek ah pek ~ ring ring ring ....=__=

Ma de... come all da way and and and... NOTHING !!!
Sudah pindah ke ?? Lalat pun takde ~~ T.T

Bodoh, am so hungry and thirsty!!
We decided to cabut cepat-cepat and
wanted to drink OH-KIO ~
(No idea what it call in english)

Reach Jetty .... this is the OH-KIO stall

But I wanted to eat curry mee ~~~~

You see... famous stall mostly don't mix here.
Oh Kio or Curry Mee ?? I'm sitting at curry mee stall
and peep on Oh Kio stall .... >.<

Luckily uncle curry mee too busy to
keep an eye on me ....

What to do, I'm hungry.
I give up to drink Oh-Kio.... T.T
Btw, U can add ala-carte in your mee ~~

wow... finally...!!!

Add ham add Keh Kuah !!!
I love HAM (keram) , I know some ppl dont like =(
But I like... I syok.... >.<

My driver of da day ~

Myself the Tam Jiak Poh ...@@

Ok, ur mission complete and u can eat now ^^

She only add chicken... so sien... =_=

2 drinks are just enough.
The curry mee ngam-ngam.
Not very extreme pedas... ^^

Lepas makan, cabut happily ^^

Passed by Prangin and jam by 2 Big Dutch Lady Van.. o.O||

The milk guy knock my glass and gimme 3 boxes of milk.
WahHhh... so cute ~~ Free gift always make me happy xD
and it's Dutch Lady !! I'm their loyal customer ~~~

FuaHHh... prangin mall got sales !!!

and I saw my piggy blanket !!! waHHHhhh ~ !!!!

There gone RM119 ....
After discount 80% still so expensive... T.T
Pok kai lor ~~~~

uiIkk... saw my friend.
Andy Chester =__=||

On way home. Feel to eat Special Pancake!

This is how special it is !! ^^

Opposite Pancake is da Magnum 4D ~
Should I try my luck to claim back my RM119 ?? T.T

ordered TUNA pancake...
U see nothing but it taste excellent at your 1st bite ~!

eeee... i got not idea why my photo go senget one??

then I order this Cheese Pancake !!
SoOoooo nice ~ !!!

One bite make me faint straight.
Too nice, too yummy ~ !!!

ngaaa... seduce you with my food !!
aHAHAHahaha ~~~

Hard to eat in da car....
So, I left half of my yummy pancake n chew at home!
I know I look soOOooo Yong Sui ... =_=
coz I wanna prove how YUMMY it is !!!! ^^v

Thats my day .... ^_^v
Penang's life.... happy to be a Penangites ~


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