Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ruumzcauses - we can be the difference

After months collecting ruumz bling.
Is time to do some shopping ~~~

Owhh... ruumz service is fast.
It takes about 3 days and everything arrived!

Bought some ruumzcauses merchandise where
30% of it will donate to causes. ^^v

Love this pillow... looks lovely with the R !!!

Buy more and more for family and friends ~~

This bag is cute...
R R R R R R... love the R ~~
rah rah ah ah ah... rama ra mama ~~ >.<

I can't wait to flood ruumz wall with this shirt.
There I fast go post my Lansi face ... =_=||
Kiam tiok pha eh face....

Then posh want die duwan die eh face ~

Grab 2 of the 1Malaysia Film shirt ^^v

Now my whole family got ruumz de shirt ^^

a pouch to keep my phone ^^

yup... is all earn from ruumz bling reward ^^
Almost everyday I conquer to be the 1st...
Pai seh pai seh... ^_^v

The balance of my earning bling
will be divided separately at ruumzcauses ~

Ruumz bling is officially closed but
do check out the rest of their promotion and event !! ^_^

Feel free to add me !!
Ryejoe Ruumz



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