Friday, June 18, 2010

The Karatekid 2010

Sadly didn't win any free tix for this movie.
But nevermind... were so GIEN already.

Fast fast go book a midnite show for
this KARATEKID !!!

While bitches on their queue for some popcorn and drink.
I really beh tahan jz to stand there looking around....

So, siao ca boh go kaka-caucau again ^^v
hiakKKkkkKKk.... everyone is looking but dun care la xD ~
But why la didn't snap my leg one !!!! T.T ~~~~

hiakKKkk !!!
This one looks more YENG .
100 percent look alike professional Ninja !! >.<

well, nobody else dare but me.
So, will have to wait the movie finish 1st and
SIAO once again....

My sleepy look at 2am ... T.T

Your hand can't even reach his leg ?
How shame !!!

This is an entertaining posh !
cis bodoh ~ !!

hiaKKKkk... The stall all close edi,
Bitch ready to do some YAO YENG posh again ^^

fuahHhh... damn YENG if I'm not in
Look like Baja Hitam some more ~ >.<

ngaa ~ I saw I saw I saw... MY PIGGY ~~~~
Cute TOY STORY 3 board .... ~~~
and sadly, they miss da cutest character !!

Okkk... i give U one more chances to see properly...
coz I had fix the whole board and now looks perfect !
( with me ^^||| )

Damn it , you're blind !
awWww... with this, the board now looks unbelievable
WORSE ... >.<|||

Looks like I'm qualify to be the next Karatekid ~
The next Karate Auntie to be exact
Don't play play !!!

psstt.... it's very very touching nice movie.
* Clap clap clap
I'm still clapping my hand with tears.
Continue clapping while blogging.

Not regret to be a panda bear again next morning.
Nice movie, worth it ! ^^v



sy said...

Why don't u steal the advertisement board back?

Jing Jing said...

oh ya hoR...
Is that illegal ?
I should've do that !! oPSs >.<

sy said...

Err..try that and let me know :)

andy chester said...

haha! cute...