Monday, June 7, 2010

Jing Jing giveaway June 2010

[Join Fan+Comment] Giveaway end 30th June 2010

Prize = Kodak Multimedia Device x 2

It is a toy device for kid to throw around >.<||...
I don't feel to keep for my future baby.
So, I decided to giveaway ~

Not much rules here.

1) Be a FAN of mine ---> Ryejoe FanPage
2) And tell me why U wan this toy at below comment. --> Comment Here
3) That's it ~~ ^^v

Seriously, if u don't need it. Please don't join....
I don't think an adult need it unless U wanna use it
to throw thief then ok lor... >.<|||

Feel free to spam with comments there.

How to win ??
as long as ur comment is funny and
it make everyone feel giler punye will do.... ^^v

Happy spamming ~~
weeeeee ~~


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