Friday, July 30, 2010

Prizes (karma) For June 2010

Since there's always a mysterious coward
drop by keep karma here and there.

Oklor, show off my karma lor...
I do feel sad when I lost .... but...
I'm satisfied with my achievement while you're not ^^

I cheat, I'm cheap, I'm chocolate chip... ZZzz ~
Whatever and I purposely upload this to
give you a virtual slap on your face. lalala ~

BOH 1Ummph 1Smile Photo Contest
1) Cash with Hamper

Junk Online Twitter Contest
1) Passes to Hennessy Artistry QE2

KFC Snax Photo Contest
1) 1 Bucket of KFC

WorldCard Slogan Contest
1) Sushi King vouchers RM50

100plus Outdo Yourself Photo Contest
1) Apple Ipod Shuffle 2gb
[img] Photo Contest
1) Apple Ipod Nano 8gb

Magnum I won 4D Jackpot Video Contest
1) Apple Ipod Touch 32gb

My Video Submission at Magnum 4D JackPot Photo Contest
1) Apple Ipad 16gb Join and get rewarded
1) Starbuck Voucher RM10 x 2 Photo Contest
1) Starbuck Voucher RM10 x 2

My submission at Carrot Milk Album
Carrot (Fake Carrot) + Milk ... >.< ||

Outpost Uniform Mini Guessing Contest
1) Outpost cute pin

This is my personal blog for self-motivation.
This is a general clerk's blog who feel she wanna do more than jz a clerk.
This is a free blog that never invite enemy and always welcome friend.

Thanks for keep visiting my blog =)
Do join Ryejoe FanPage to share contest info
or grab some gift from me as appreciation...

My bad if this blog sounds as if I'm blowing trumpet...
It's just that I get sick of da stupid stalker.
(whom owiz use GOD, KARMA, NIAMA, NIAPA as nickname)

For those who know da real me,
will know who i really am...
and thank you guys so much for your
support and understanding throughout these years



mama zharfan said...

keep up winning jj!!! me love to see all ur winnings's inspiring actually to see ur big prizes!!

Jing Jing said...

Miss SZZzzZZ !!

How are yew ~~!!!
Ya, it's been smooth.
Thanks for your support ^^

Is more than enuf for me.
So,is time to do some giveaway.

This Month will be just Mask.
Next month plan to give
Food Voucher ^^ to thank friends like you *HUGG*

Joshualaw said... many pries won in just one month! Congrats! I want the ipad and ipod touch~

Joshualaw said...


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Yes look at the brightside and just ignore haters. they are wasting time ar

Congratz for all the winning~

彩虹chai fung said...

congrats jing many prizes u won...

Jing Jing said...


ten kiuewww tenn kiueww ~