Thursday, July 22, 2010

A&W What's your story contest winners !

This was seriously out of my expectation.
My last minute submission by making fun of
Pretty Woman's song get me to da finalist ~~
Jing Jing A&W Submission

I even get da chances to snap photo with
Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan !!!

I managed to get 3rd ~ ^^v
It was all like a dream.
A really frightening experience... ~~ T.T

I got a really big room at Hotel Singgahsana PJ provided
by A&W with all breakfast and lunch !! ^^
* pssstt... will upload later xD

Thanks TianChad for helping us to capture all those moment!
More details at --> TianChad A&W Blog

Below are the Winner's List.
Will post up with more details soon.
I still need to calm down.
ahHAahaaaa ~!

Can't wait A&W to upload the 1st & 2nd winner's video.
You will get amaze with their submission!!!
Congrats to all deserving winners ^^v

Winners for Written Category:
1st Prize Winner: Goh Lin Lin
2nd Prize Winner: Nadia binti Mohamad Hatta
3rd Prize Winner: Zukri Valenteno
Consolation Prize Winner: Ewe Chor Teik and Norashikin Binti Abu Bakar

Winners for Video Category:

1st Prize Winner: Thong Chern Yau
2nd Prize Winner: Chua Yi Ling
3rd Prize Winner: ME ME ME ME !!!
Consolation Prize Winner: Mohd Hafifi Bin Abu Bakar and Mohd Shafieq Bin Ishak

psstt,,, alot of them being begging to see the
Grand Prize Winner Chern Yao's Video.
Here it is... Chern Yao just show me ^^v

A very Malaysian Spirit Video.
A deserving winner. Enjoy da video guys ~~ weeeee

to be continue..... ^^v


mama zharfan said...

congrats jj!! that's pretty lots of cash!!!

Aidi-Safuan said...

wah... congratz! :)