Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jing Jing Giveaway July 2010

Contest End = 31st July 2010

b.liv Mask x 3

Just some simple gift as appreciation ^^
Need not much effort to win it .

1) Join Ryejoe FanPage
2) Comment any cheers with a word MASK at
>> Ryejoe FanPage Note <<

Mask Mask Mask Ale Ale Ale,
I love MASK Ale Ale Ale!

Lame right ? xD
Just spam anything you like to shout about Mask.
Everyone is just tense with working life.
Just shout it out anything ^^ !!!!

Winner based on any ridiculous funny shout.
Yup, you can spam as many as you wish.
Scold your boss also can >.<||

Happy shouting ~~



1 comment:

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