Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tanamera Contest

Tanamera Tropical Spa Product is organizing
a photo contest where Apple Ipad is up for grab !!!

Wasn't about to join.
Liking contest drives me nut but wait ~~
it is now based on creativity and you just
have to be in top 8 !!! yay ~~~~

Alright... let's see what I can do ^^v

Heading to Gurney Plaza to korek Tanamera.
It is so hard to find but thank god I found it !!

Gonna do Mini Jing Jing again.
Gets addicted in making my mini creature lately ^^

Trying to act like a puppy....
But it look more like a Katak (frog)!!

Trying to act like a rabbit...
And it look like I'm riding a mini scooter =_=

Dig out mum's sarong ~~
Feel it is necessary for da tradisional feel
in using Tanamera product ! YESSS ~!!!

I do have some problem wearing a sarong.
Didn't know it need skills too ~
It keep fall off but nothing could stop me !
See, I can still dance comfortably with sarong ~~
Lenggang- lenggang kangkung ~~ >.<

awww... damn it , this part is hard T.T ~
Faster snap la, my leg cramp already !!!!

So, after the Yoga-yoga sexy leg pose...
It is actually for this ~~~ ^^v
Spa your style, The Tanamera way ~

Not forget my Sarong Gadis Melayu pose ^^
Behind that is actually a Monkey but...
I think I look more like a Tarzan ~
OoO eeEE oOOoo ~~~ =_=||

The success of my rabbit and puppy pose !
Yes puppy ~ NO, NOT WOLF ~ NOT WOLF !!

And da rushing hour in da midnight...
Here's da result ~ ^_^
Due to time limit...
I have to put in word with PC which I never prefer it ={

Start my torturing photo section ~
All type of geli smile in da middle of night ~

Act cute again, I really beh-tahan myself sometimes.
How old liao !!!!

This one better even it's a lil Yong-Sui ~

OMG... this one tak boleh pergi la ~
What a bodoh pose, lalat gonna fly in !
Rejected ~~~

So, I'll pick this one where my Mini Jing with
action figures clearly shown ^^

A better me with Peace Loving Earth sign ^^v
This will be the main...

So, do torture this photo only ^^||

>> Vote for Jing Jing <<

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