Friday, July 2, 2010

Cheezels could have a relative contest winner

Kaypo-ing around Facebook last month.

Spot a question posted on Cheezel's Fanpage

If Cheezels could have a relative,
What would you want it to be?

Most creative shot could win
ONE (1) Carton of Cheezels~~!!!!

This is kewl ~ !!!
Scratching my head to my back...
Scratching my back to my a*ss....

and my answer goes like this;


and prOOfFff.... the result of my kaypo-ness

Serious ????
I also though ONE carton is about 12 packs but NOT !!!!

OMG, this beat my downstairs mini market already! @@

Overjoyed and bite immediately ~
gRRrr.... aRRGhh... wooFfff woFfff !!

I'm staring at them like a pervert....
I gonna eat U baby, I gonna eat yew ~

Is impossible for me to stop torturing my camera >.<
No, I'm not a cowboy!! I'm Cheezelsboy ~
kik kok - kik kok .... hiak hiakKkk hiaKKk~

Ok, I think I'm out of breath already.
These O-cheeze-gen is blocking my O-xigen ~
Still I ngeh-ngeh want to smile !

I've been smiling with them for few hours xD
OMG, I won !! I won !!!!!

nah... won't eat alone.
Gonna loop in family and friends for a Cheezels Party !!!

I couldn't express how happy I am.
This is alot and unexpected !!!!

Thanks Cheezels for this shocking prize.
Are you a Cheezels Fanatic ??

Come on... ~~~
Join --> Cheezels FanPage !!!

There's alot more for you to grab ~




Maxloon120 said...

Is really lots of cheezerels there O.O||

Jing Jing said...

scary huh? ^^
Will giveaway n scare the rest as well xD ~