Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ace in Salon, Penang

It's been a while I didn't bother my hair.
The benefit of Facebook I met a hairstylist
and he intro me to his salon ~

Located at Perak Road

Pretty excited coz I rarely visit salon.

Decoration all over the stairs.
Their welcome way did impressed me ^^

Still dare not to try new style.
Just feel to make it shorter =(

Well, my stupid maid doesn't snap much
about me. Bodoh betul !!
So, there's nothing much to talk about T.T

and now is her turn ~

Checking the condition.
Cleaning and dry up 1st....

Sifu doing da washing kung-fu ~
She had too many KUTU already.
Sifu have to show his Mou-Yeng Sao (shadowless hand)

After all KUTU clean off...
The cutting is ready to begin ~

Don't show LCLY eh face ar.
I gonna throw yew with my camera !!

owHHh... bitch, stop that !!
I changed my mind to throw u wf my shoe now! ~~

Sifu Jerry is focusing....

While the rest is busy cutting and get cut.
I'll intro around ^^
All kind of treatment product tidy up in a rack.

Very clean and nice environment ~

Comic corner for comic lover ^^

Friendly service where drink are serve
to all visitors ^^v

There's even sweet prepared for yew to steal >.<

Namecard aquarium... xD ~

awww... this is the best part,
WiFi available ~~!!!

One random shot at their wall

Their display were just comfortable and nice

Magazine corner and waiting area near
da window. Very bright corner for reading.

The place is big where yew won't
feel crowded at all ~

O.O|| this thing does gimme a shock
* scare scare *

Right before the washing area.
There's even chess for you to play. aha !

This is were those sifu torture our
hair to drown ... xD

Told ya, this was a very nice and comfortable place.
The price is reasonable as well ^^v

Back to my maid....
See her hair ~~~ OHhhh, bye bye ~

Mirroring every corner until you're satisfy with da cutting.

Form to fill up and you get free hair wash
for 1st timer. Yes, we are first timer !!! ^^

Last shot before we leave with our sexy hair ~~

We'll come again when we decided
for a bigger change.

oHhh wait...
Make sure when it is available !!

3 month later ~~~

Someone dare me to make da chances.
So, we visit again.
This time with my cheezel... >.<

She's all ready >.< ||

Are yew ready? Sure? Don't regret arHHhhh

alrite... she' ready... >.<

I think I get more excited than her who gets cut.
Seeing the hair fall off so many, scare ~~!!!

I suggest her to try this style 1st...
ahAHAHahahaha ~~ xD

hahAHHAAHhha, almost her twins ... ^^v

Ever wonder what she want ?

naHhhh.... like this wor ~~~~~ O.O

Last cut. OMG ~
I wanna faint. Next week is my turn.
No game to play, challenge cut hair ~~
Can I duwan so short like yew aRRr ???? >.<

anyway ~~~
Thats how she look like now xD ~
Orang gila ...... =__=||

haiya... don't worry le ~
Jz need a lil wax up before she's getting cute again ^^v

* next week is my turn... hu hu hu ~~
( coward mode )

More information at :
Ace In Salon FanPage


Abel said...

omg...u really want to cut your hair? dun ....

Jing Jing said...

why neh baby?
ur hair oso short wat ~~~

jz fel a lil sien to keep long all da times... >.<

Abel said...

if really want to cut then direct cut short short la~

Jing Jing said...

i'm still making decision.
not all ppl oso that brave de.
im a chicken... kok kok kok ~~

can we change head for few days ??
xD ~~~

lt said...

lolz, wanna look like shane? i think she looks pretty with any kind of haircut, mebbe even bald.

Abel said...

change head? ><"
aiyo~ cut short oni ma...
u tot your hair cant long sumore mie~

dknypg83 said...

hey, isn't that chiew gim?!? ahah, i guess she's a mutual friend... :) but wow, u're so good in winning contests!! nx time, i'd suggest u start a class called 'how to win contests'!! :p i think chewing gum's hair is nice!! suits her...