Sunday, July 11, 2010

A & W What's your story Contest

Often hang at A & W ?? Yes ??

Share your memorable A & W moments
and win prizes up to RM19, 000 !!
Plus holiday package ~

A & W I ComeEEeee.... ~
Let's see what came in my mind this time.....^^v

aww... my favorite root beer FLOAT !!!
Coney burger , chicken burger .... curly fries ~
I feel like a hungry ghost now.... woOo Woooo ~

The curry favor on top with da beef ....
That was something nobody can miss !

Chicken burger.... ~ aRGhHHhh ~~~

Ofcoz the gila-ness happen after I pamper my tummy.
Go hug Mr.Bear 1st before kacau in da restaurant...

alrite... I'm greedy.... But who care !!!
awww... ordering their root beer is a MUST , a MUST ~

Acting around for my video....
Their staff must thought something wrong with me T.T

Peep around and act cute.... =__+ |||

Stupid next table keep looking at me ... >.<

People keep peeping...
I feel to act also pai seh .... T.T ~

Before I leave, I go to Mr. Bear and say Boo-Bye.
Asking him to cross fingers for me as well ... ^^

Add in my lame art for some creativity ~

Stop wondering what's all this about...
You'll know later ^^ ~

Here's my last minute lame video ...>.<|||
The song is a lil weird.... coz it need to end at exact 90 seconds ~
Shortest possible or else hard to submit ~~~
Oh please don't laugh, I'm doing my best T.T

Oh... A & W
Actress : Jing Jing
Singer : Jing Jing
Video Maker : Jing Jing
Lame lyric : Jing Jing
Cameraman : Jang Jang
Winner : ..... ( oh.. keep finger crossed ~~ )

Contest end on 10th July 2010 11.59pm ^^
Gonna keep my fingers crossed from this very minute ~

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where A&W Vouchers will be giving away ~

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