Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prize for End of March 2009

Kidnap all these from KL....
Virtual Malaysia Contest
1) 2D/1N stay in Pacific Regency Suites worth RM850

2) Borders Vouchers
I always wanted to buy a dictionary that suits me =}

XXX Contest
1) Pendrive 16gb
=]... my 2nd thumbdrive ...
now I got a couple thumbdrive =}....

2) Apple Ipod Touch 16gb
one of my dream gadget finally came ...=}

Lady SpeedStick Contest
1) Apple MacBook Air
yea... Never in my life to believe I really won the Grand Prize

very very solid....very very thin !!
yessss.... all arrange in proper and in details.
I got no description to express on how beautiful it is ...

and this sexy baby of mine cost RM6599.... xD !!
but I dont know how to use it.... =.="

8tv Jingga Contest
1) Acer Aspire One Netbook
what a perfect couple =} ~

just fit in my bag and store in my scooter =} ...

Alot of them says this wasn't a good laptop and
better sell it off... but I tested it.
It wasn't that bad....
Not slow... light weight, easy for me to carry around....
3 USB ! wireless blueetooth cardreader....
yet come with a bag protector ~ O.O"
2) Motorola E8
yea... this is the 2nd Motorola E8... =.=" ~
I wish to have a diffrent HP ....

No idea Contest
Pirate of the Caribbean merchandise
1) Pirate of the Caribbean Analog Watch
hmmm.... kid watch again ... =.= " ~
2) Badge Strap?
No idea what to do with it...
So I put in my Ipod , ahhh... ok wor. Can also xD ~
I got no money to buy Ipod Cover anyway... =}

Cathay Cineplex Contest
1) Chi hua hua , duno what this call la ~
but I love it... can put under my beer when I surf the net
in the weekend... No more wet wet ~ xD

I don't really need to win something value so
high to makes me happy all the times.... =]


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Congratz wor, Mac Book Air ~~
Could you teach me how to win those numerous prizes?

You are really a big magnet!! ^@^~

cognitive.growth.enterprise said...
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bettYone said...

whoa~ hats off to jing2:)
u deserve those prizes..
i was extremely happy when i won 3 weekly prizes for the LSS contest+couldn't imagine your feeling wining the grand prize!

Jing Jing said...

Eh,Tian Chad. I notice that I hardly leave any msg for u at ur blog. No Shoutbox? and how to teach?? I think u need to put JUST lil bit more effort =} ~

wow bettYone, 3 weekly prizes.
What u've won?? So curious to know =}

yes,i was stun to know I get GP as
I've give up earlier when i fail to fish vote. It even makes me think they mz hv send wrong email.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said... sifu...haha...haiya when i can win stuff like hard2 :)atoconsl

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

pay=play...sorry jing...(salah taip ma)

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

wah congrats...lucky u...wish i could win big also sure u put a lot of effort for it...congrat again! i pulak happy...hahahah

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha, maybe it is still loading for the CBOX~ I will move it to second banner ;p

Aiks, I don't know go where to participate these contest ar

Jing Jing said...

OMG... O.O" ayu pls dun say that.
Just learn together =}...
U had own a bigger tv than mine.
U R my sifu la xD~

and ayu,salah type tidak diampun.
Kindly do 100 times push up!!!

devi deva, put a lil more effort!!
just a lil bit more~

tian chad, mayb my pc too kolot
to load ur shoutbox~

summer_wizard said...

u are scary jingjing.
u can stop working now and earn a luxurious living by joining contests.
congratz contestQueen.


bettYone said...

yea..i was so amazed to see others gaining too many votes day by day..i've tried so hard but only managed to obtain ckit2 lor..gave up oledi..em,i got 1cam+2hps..sold both hps..i tot they really judged on the votes only..gud to know they considered the effort on creativity as well.. :)

Jing Jing said...

huh toottoot, siao meh.
This just happen once in a full moon la.
Don't sounds so scary la~
Make it as partime or hobby will do. FULLTIME will make me starve to death lor =.=" ...

i cant trade my gadget for daily meal oso. Look at it cover by habuk only...

Jing Jing said...

wow bettyone, HP !!
Im dying for HP that time but
I just didnt get the HP.
Get evything n not HP. Funny huh?
Ohhh,u sapu all the HP... bad betty!

cognitive.growth. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bettYone said...

aiya..ya meh?u got the ipod nano+guess watch?
i was aiming for either one yet got the hps..*sigh*
would exchange with u if i knew..

God knows the best..see..u own an apple ipod!and i lost one..uwaaa..(T_T)

Jing Jing said...

yup...xD i won the rest as well except HP.

huh, u wan the watch n ipod ar?? hahhahaa xD... wat a funny world.

why u lost ipod n i won one is god know the best?? what is this mean????

bettYone said...

ya lor..i was aiming for any of those..
sumtimes we didn't get what we want..
yet happy for sum1 else..rite?

emm..sure God knows the best..
He awards u even better with ur dream ipod:) instead of the 'ordinary' hp u wanted those days..huhu..

as for me..i'm unlucky tis time as i lost the hp i bought..but always remember that God knows the best.. ("_;)

Jing Jing said...

agree. most of the time we cant get wat we aim ={

but it turns out so surprise when we get what we didnt expect =D ~

but owiz hold the attitide NOT TO GIVE UP. Once u gv up, there's no more chances to win anymore ~

bettYone said...

yeah!!! an inspirational words from sifu jing2:)
thank i come..bettYone!

Jing Jing said...

Ehhh...pantang. stop calling me that. Being sifu mean wanted to retire. Hey, i still wana win. xD
call me student jing. still wan to learn n win.... O.O"

bettYone said...

haha..pantang meh?
ayoo..student jing doesn't suit u..
how about super-winner? ;)
jing2 the super-winner!
bettYone the mini-winner..hahaha:D

Jing Jing said...

ahh...aiya, kenot la.Too much lor.
Err...leaner jing n learner ty? =.="...
ongjing and ongbet... sounds like ongbak... hahahahah xD

bettYone said...

okies dokies..s u wish lor.. :)

Egg Yolk said... are ong jing jing. not liang jing jing. haha. how to be so ong me some kungfu le.hehe

Jing Jing said...

=D liang jing jing. liang liang like GOLD ma ONG lor.

kung fool ar? only fool ppl learn wor... xD

Seng Hoo said...