Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jing Jing ChocoMosquito Contest

Another Mini Contest suggested by comper buddy
toottoot & dolly... =} ~

Don't take it seriously... just some entertainment to share my ONG and
curiously to know who is the lucky you that used to visit me =} ~

Last Month, I've been torturing by mosquito every night !!
My skin are sensitive, allergic with this and that.
Lotion ar, cream ar, daycare nightcare, make-up also must remove fast fast.
I hardly recover from mosquito bite, ant bite, kutu bite, love bite... etc etc ~

Okie okie, there's a mosquito hunt in my room during one night after
they bring all thier relatives... mother father grandmother, auntie uncle, nephew,
godsister to suck me for supper !!! I exercise an hour++ playing electric badminton.

all Sweat !! ~ and KILL ~
sParTa SparTaa Spartaaaaa all around !!

and thier bloods lands on my pad....
I mean MY BLOODs lands on my pad.... ~
Okay.... now, guest how many mosquitosSs I've sparta SpaRtaa SpaRtaAAa !!

oh yes... bcoz this is too easy, you must write something else....
aiya... i know slogan very hard la ~
not slogan la... write anything with your ANSWER...
(I don't mind rojak languages, make sure I understand la~)

Jing Jing examples...

I count the nyamuk total around thirty ,
Count until I dizzy-dizzy mau mati ,
I want the tobleronce coz I sangat hungry ,
Let me gets fat until tak larat lari ~

1. Want use badword please replace something else ar...
2. Write long or short up to you, just don't make me feel bored.
3. Highlight your answer, thanks !
4. eRrr... correct answer and could cheer's me up will win =} ~
5. If you want attached a photo you spartaaaa around also can,
but make sure got answer la... =} ~

Then submit picture will win or good writing will win ??
Either one lor, if your picture funnier than what I have read from the rest.
THEN YOU WIN LOR ~ no need write at all .... xD ~

Email your submission to =

ehh... this contest siao one !!
Yalor... prize ONE box of chocolate only ma ... why take it so serious ?? =}

OK la... Let's see who will get the chocolate =D ~

awww.... it's been so long, i didn't snap photo already =} ....

opss.... ALL THE BEST !!!


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

can I post...via my

Jing Jing said...

ohh...sure. That will be interesting xD. Looking forward to see your blog and i bet it must be real entertaint !!!

mama zharfan said...

jj, i have created a rhyme about the chocomosquito...but a bit shy to post it here lor ;)el

Jing Jing said...

haha, alrite. You can email me then but if it is interesting, you should post in ur blog. then everybody will go to see =D!

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...


Jing Jing said...

OMG, ur blog is really funny!!
Were laughing until the end xD ~
thank you very much for your support...xD hahhaa~ & pls MAKE SURE you counted properly =}

Adzfar Aiman said...

Ahaha! Nice rumble :)