Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prize for March 2009

Samsung Three Contest
1) Samsung Mp3 1gb RED - YPS2 ZR
this one is so cuteee!! it looks like a giant ladybird =D
it's just a big as your thumb ~

hMmm... it's cute and feel kinda hard to sell off but
it's a wasted to keep and didn't use it.... =[

yup... seal up. Not open at all.
Welcome interested buyer....

Blackmores Survey
1) Eco-Friendly Bag & Book
erRRr... this must be a sign of my ONG coming... (YesSs yesSss)

i won another in the next day... =.="

TheSun - Dont Mess with Zohan Contest
1) Pensonic Hairdryer
gRRrr.... yes, I'm damn geram now. I just bought a new

were putting hope on this & though didn't win.
That's why decided to get my own. Why the result come so late ={ ....

AhhHh.... comes another one in the next day... @@~

how many headsSss I got ..... >.<" ~ hMmm.... yup, going to sell off .... 2) Timex Watch again..~ for kidzz again...
wonder how many hand do my nephew got.... @@~

another one comes in the next day .... @@~
maybe my nephew really got many hands.... O.O" ~

last updated : 12032009
so lil winning this month ={ ....


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Wah, how do you find so much contest to join wor?

I am sure you start to ONG again!

Jing Jing said...

survey no need ONG la.
just need to be more "Kaypo" to answer survey... hahaha~

yatseng said...

hehe, i also got the blackmoore's eco bag. but i also dunno when i got take the survey =.=

Jing Jing said...

ohh...isit?? must be someone cute,sexy,bootiful,wonderfool etc etc itchy hand girl did for u....
sue her!!!