Wednesday, March 18, 2009 - Creative Hunter

umm... I've been wondering what happen to all of my friends....
They've been busy hunting for days looking for a rabbit ???

as usual a busybody me is going to check it out...

OMG... is organizing a CONTEST !

omgg...omg... why i'm so left behindddd....O.O" ~

Theres 3 Categories to show your hunting skill .

First Category - Fastest Hunter

Be the first to catch thier rabbit online!!, you DON'T need carrotsss....

oh noOo... NOT with a net either !!! =.=" ~
Follow the steps... Four steps only ok !
Get the accurate info and start hunting !!!
The fastest hunter every day gets one FREE bag. 5 hunting days,
5 bags to be won!!!!
am i joining ???
aww... the hunting starts on 16th March 2009 (Monday) till 20th March 2009 (Friday)
woOOoo.... Im so left behind...

so, lets see what they got the next...
Second Category - Gung-Ho Hunter

The most gung-ho and addicted hunter gets rewarded too! At the end of the 5-day hunt, we will choose a hunter who (unfortunately) did not win a prize in the first category (fastest hunter), but have been persistently following the hunt. What you will need to do:
Step 1:
Make sure you submit a correct entry every single hunting day, for 5 consecutive days (16th-20th March).
Step 2:
At the end of the 5 day hunt, make a lament/comment/experience sharing on facebook group wall. Please also leave your email in your comment post.
Step 3:
We will then check on facebook for your comments on 23rd March. ONE winner gets a free bag!
umm... yea, i think i missed this one as well...
wOooOo.... how to win la if like that !!!
Nevermind, let's see what i can do...
Third Category - Creative Hunter
aha... looks like there's a lil chances left for me....

Let me questionair myself before take this challenge seriously...=}
am I creative ?? YES
am I positive ?? YES YES
am I impressive ?? YES YES YESSSS
am I hungry ?? errr... that's not important....

alrite...back to the content from
No time to join in the hunt but have the gift of the gap and own a blog?
yes time, i left behind ={... blog blog blog ?
yes yes, I GOT I GOT !!! xD
Just make a posting in your blog, either promoting about this competition, or sharing your rabbit hunting story in the most creative and entertaining way! Our judges will then decide on the best blog.
Step 1:
Make a posting in your blog linking this competition from 9th-25th March
Step 2:
Send your blog address to
Step 3:
We will announce the ONE winner on the 28th March

ALRIGHT !! aRRRgGHHhhh.... what I'm waiting for ??
WAKE UPPP !!!!!!! &#^^#$^$^#^$*&#@#*&
I'm gona give a shot !!!
oHhh bag oHHh baggggg !!!! it's mine, it's mine !!
uUhhh... ahhh.... HeK hOk Hu ha~ Hu Ha~ !!

just need to concentrade and put more...

but why ???? aren't I already got alotssss of bag !!!

yalor.... plastic bag.... ={

recycle bag... and paper bag lor... =.="

DONE !! ~
Will just cross fingerSsss.....
Hope I'll see my name shine in the Winner List....

uhUh..?? You want it too ?? Ofcoz... go show your creativity.
More details at
Still doubt ?? Email them at
Feel too late?? Nvm, go join thier group in Facebook to challenge the next contest.


mama zharfan said...

Just for info:
AliceWonders has annouced the winners in the Facebook:
Gung-Ho Hunter: Mei Ng
Creative Hunter: iliznorizan

Jing Jing said...

that's a sad news =[ ...
effort goes into drain then....

mama zharfan said...

it's ok jj..not ur rezeki lor...u lose this one, but u'll win more in other contest lor!! think positive ok! (honestly i really thought u should win this creative hunter...)

Jing Jing said...

i went to the blog to see the winner. All writing, alot writing...i jz read half then close it already =.=" ...

mayb they love ppl to write alot bout them... u should do that next time....

mama zharfan said...

ya lor...but she posted at least 6 entries about it alone...and all are written essay lor...i wonder how they define 'creativity'...emm...move on lah...let's focus on other contests!!