Monday, February 23, 2009

Toblerone Contest

The contest that gives me heart attack but is okie... =}

Let's see what I have done for this contest ....

I'm strugling to buy or anot....coz I don't really likes
contest that require purchase.... ={ ~

I dont know, its like gambling to me... and it will make you feel pain and regret
if you doesn't win. But this time, I broke the rules coz I got the idea for the submission.

So, I risk my RM14.50 (hope could get my mum a lil surprise) and I bought this....


and my intention is to get this.... THE CODE !!

And here is the design I crack out =} ....
Simple isn't it ?? .....
HEY !! I took an hour to match up that simple "I LOVE YOU" ~ =.="

and yes... this is my caption. I'm not good in English but I love
poetry. And I'm just lucky to have some buddy who always help out my English ~
Thank you =} ~ ....

but sadly, my submission gets set up. Someone trying to sabotaj me
by sending alot of votes at one times. When my design reach 10,000 votes.
I was totally dishearten and wish the loser will have his return!

Getting comfort from my contest buddies and I get real
surprise to know I've won!! I was jumping and shout proudly ....

aww...forget it ~

Alright.... this was a shock...
It came one box at 1st... then 30 minutes later...
It comes another one seperately .... O.O " ~

I waited after office hours, rushing home to open it xD ~

wow~ unbelievable huh ?? The winner must soon
got diabetes.... O.O " ~ ehhh , touch wood - touch wood !!!

Have a closer look... they arrange it just nice... =} ~

aha... ofcoz the creative me won't run away to make
my prizes arrange creatively ... xD !!!

NICE OR NOT !!!! x} .... (*sombong mode, someone pls slap me...)

now... another creativity.... x} ~

look a lil closer....=} ~

xD... yes yes... a romantic bed ..... wooo ~


Ok, now prize introduction =D ~

1) Samsung Digital Photo Frame
I was soooo curious to know how it works !!
Will explore and update in details later.... xD !!
aww.... i will read instruction book 1st (try....)

it wrote there touch screen !! curious curious ~

2) Fossil Watch
though to win for papa, but this one seems for youngster... ={


3) Cappuccino Cups
this one i feel abit bad... coz i saw stain on it.
I wonder isnt this a stainless steel... hmmm....

4) Diary
I love this as well. I love to noted down things I do.
errr....yea, I'm kinda forgetful.... =}

I love the label, namecard holders and variety pockets.
Can feel the convenient....=} ~

aHhh... yes, I showing off again xD ~
Trying to do a mountain chocolate .... mum LOVEEE chocolate very very much!!
This is one of the reason why I join =D ~

hmmm.... when I full my underbed space.
Here will be a storeroom soon... =.="

I've drew out my personal cupboard and ask carpenter
to do my dream cupboard. Cross fingers it wont cost so much.
I'm so happy... everyone have dream...
and I fullfiled mine slowly...... =}

Now, gonna look forward for better prize.
To those who visited me, I wish you'll get a lil ONG from my blog
and keep winning as well ... OK ?


mama zharfan said...

jj, congrats- it's a real SWEET winning for u and ur mom!!an advance gift for ur mom for this year mother's day ;)if u come to kl, can bring some choc for me aaaarr(just kidding!!..) u deserve to win anyway, for ur hardwork, creativity, for not being selfish, for being nice,lovely contest buddy... :)

Jing Jing said...

ofcozzz i will bring over for you, my contest buddy (opps review ur identity edi) Might coming down on 14th. Hope everything smooth! ~

Egg Yolk said...

wah...congratulation...Ong r....send me some Ong power.. KAME HAME HA ONG ONG ONG ONG ONG...

LIZZIE said...

hi jing jing.. nice to see the fruits of your labour.. ayoh.. fat lor eat all those chocs! come la, don be shy, share2 wif me too.. *^_~*

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

awesome....keep your good work...ok jing2...i hope one day I can be like so many stuff....huisshh..

Jing Jing said...

hahaha, yes yes.. please take my fats away lizzie.

egg yolk. yess, im kame hame ha over the ONG for u now!!

ayu,sure u can. u r doin great edi. U jz diam diam only ma. hahaha

永遇乐 said...

Haha! Congratz wor~
Creative ppl are deserved to be the winner~ :)