Monday, November 9, 2009

New Zealand Ice Cream - Week 5 Winner

Good evening to all Babies and ElephantSsss ^_^" ~

Once again you've create miracle for me !!
yes... YOU ... YOU YOU !!!

* pointing my fingers everywere =__="

Good news to share......=D

New Zealand Natural Week 5 winner

Each bite is FREEZING but the taste is enhancing !
Name: Rachel Beh Jing Jing

.... ten kiu ~ Ten Kiu ~~~~ T.T
* Crying and bow ...
* hentam-ing my head on da table doin 90 degree sincere bow @@
* bleeding all over da face but smile widely wf sparkling teeth.... =__=

Okay , action mean more than word ... i know that ^_^" ....

Let's see who's the LUCKY STAR .....

My sincere THANK YOU with KFC Vouchers goes to....

1) Cannie Yap
- I dunno her, but she intro a numbers of friend adding me up in facebook.
NZN Contest brings me fate to meet you. I'm glad to have a new friend like you =}

2) Abel Ng
- Another young stranger. I knew I'm funny begging votes from a kid =__="
Yet we quarrel a few minutes wanted to challenge my karate with her taekwondo #.#

3) CheauFun Teoh
- Umm... hehe , another friend from nowhere....

4) Jethro Quah
- MSN Friend who NEVER failed to support me even we're not close.
He always return me a smile and best wishes each time I ask for favour ^_^

5) Hunter Lim
- Surprisingly a girl telling me is Hunter Lim who asked me to vote you. So touches~

6) Amelialing
- This girl is kinda bising always tease me around but still help after a big bla bla bla xD

7) Lee Theng
- Always there for me.... blog facebook forum. Feel comfortable seeing her around.
Her appearance always makes me feel I'm not alone....=}

8) Donald but not duck
- Ok, you got this voucher for being my last minute hero.
I hope your facebook's member doesn't hate you becoz of me.... T.T

9) Ho Ho Ho
- I dunno what's wrong with you.......
She's been LIKING my wall post all the times when I spamming NZN Link
The most supportive one.... All my Links also got her LIKE =D

10) m_mchon
- Thanks for your everyday msg over the MSN asking me
Eat oredi ? Working how ? Playing what contest ? Any Help ??
I knew I didn't reply you much.... coz U ask me the same Q everyday.
I'm sorry but I do know your existance..... =}

This is the something I afford to show my thanks.
This pieces of chicken mean nothing but PLEASEEEE ( please again =_= )
pleaseeee accept my THANK YOU ..... ^_^ ~

Kindy drop me your name and address to ^_^

please send over by 22nd November 2009.
or else I gonna bring others go makan ^_^"


Simon Seow said...


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

happy you =D

Abel said...

i'm abel ang not NG la~
dot dot dot...
n i'm not kid, i oredi 25 years old....
and big hug~ congratulation~
erm about the KFC voucher...

Jing Jing said...

OMG... u dun looks like 25!!

opSs... ABEL ANG. okie ^_^"

So, do email me ur address
b4 22nd ya.

MuaKss MuaKSSSs!!!

simonsimon and chad chad.
ThaNkSs ThankSSs~

Abel said...

u oso doenst look like 27~
the KFC voucher u can give it to the others friends,cuz i afraid u not enuf kaka~
if u really want to do something juz give me a birthday card on my birthday^^ hehe~
n i want real kiss~not text*&$#$%$%

Jing Jing said...

uMmmM card ar...
card kenot eat one wor... =_=||

Real kiss ar...
Have to meet ehhh o.O